The Long Beach Convention Center played host once again to the fabulous Midsummer Scream which brought panels, cosplay, exhibitors and an amazing collection of fandom ranging from spooky to outright gory. Although the event can and does delve deep into the creepiest, scariest, and goriest that Halloween has to offer, it also celebrates the lighter, funnier, and more colorful aspects of the holiday which means… plenty of Disney fans!

At its heart, Midsummer Scream is a pop culture convention similar to others you may have seen but the unique focus here on the cherished fall season makes this an absolute Halloween dream! Enjoy as we take a look at the offerings of the 2022 event that offer a Disney focus or general appeal to Disney fans and MouseInfo readers! ENJJOY!



WaltersWorx specializes in replica and custom artwork from magical kingdoms near and far:


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Haunted OC featuring Bob Gurr

Disney Legend Bob Gurr was on hand taking photos and autographing doom buggies and posters. Haunted OC proudly hosted the Disney Legend.


20220729_184027 20220729_184057

Topher Adam

Topher Adam is a foolish mortal with a penchant for grim grinning ghosts:


20220730_113750 20220730_113920 20220730_113924 20220730_113929

Hayden Evan Art

If you don’t know about Hayden and his art you must become acquainted:


20220729_191039 20220729_191341

More to Explore

Vendors and artists all around the convention share their shelves with Disney-related wares, too.


20220729_182245 20220729_212153 20220730_114048 20220729_185052 20220729_182519 20220729_182615

Pizza Planet Truck

This fan-made Pizza Planet truck looks like it’s straight out of the the most twisted nightmares of Sid himself!


20220729_211909 20220729_211717 20220729_211720 20220729_211737

Ghostly Retreat

The Grammable and Tokable Airbnb inspired by the Haunted Mansion hosted a special photo-op to promote the overnight stays in the humble abode. Fashion yourself as the disembodied head within the crystal ball!


20220729_213424 20220729_213436

Museum of Halloween

This amazingly awesome display featured a great look back at the culture of Halloween and, of course, there’s a few nods there that Disney fans would easily spot!

MORE INFO: Midsummer Scream 2022: A full look at the awesome ‘Museum of Halloween’ exhibit


20220730_111942 20220730_112159 20220730_112202 20220730_112309


Night of the Living Drag

While not Disney-themed per se, when there’s drag queens involved you know someone is gonna be inspired by Disney and the finale for this year’s faBOOlous assemblage was a trio of fabulous SISTERS personifying the diva Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus!


20220730_151110 20220730_160429

Hall of Shadows

Although the focus here is small-scale haunts there’s a few things of interest here including cute home decor on sale like these amazing mushroom lamps or a custom carved faux pumpkin! A fun option this year was a little carnival midway where you could play for free to get some candy.

20220730_132908 20220730_132957 20220730_133420 20220730_133434


Black Cat Lounge

Presented by Kitten Rescue, you could spend some time in this fabulous lounge and adopt a kitty in need of a good home. We’re sure more than one of the black cats adopted here ended up with the name Thackery Binx.

20220730_183903 20220730_183857

Paranormal Pixie’s Pumpkin Patch

While there is nothing specifically Disney-esque here, this was the official kid’s zone with entertainment and crafts setup here including an awesome presentation of the Bob Baker’s Hallowe’en Spooktacular.


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