There’s a ton to see and do at the D23 Expo 2022 but there’s also so, so much to BUY! If you’re planning to get your hands on limited and event-exclusive items you’ll have multiple ways to help make the process easier. Virtual Queue and StorePass are back to help make things easier and new for this expo is Mobile Checkout! Here’s what you need to know about how to spend those Disney dollars!

Virtual Queue

  • WHAT: Attendees will be able to sign up for an available boarding group in a virtual queue for participating locations
  • HOW: Use the Disneyland Resort app and scanning a QR code at the entrance for participating locations
  • WHERE: 
    • D23 Expo Marketplace
    • Mickey’s of Glendale Main Store
    • Mickey’s of Glendale Pin Store

Mobile Checkout

  • WHAT: Pay for items straight from your phone!
  • HOW: Use the the Disneyland Resort app to save time with the Mobile Check out feature
  • WHERE:
    • D23 Expo Marketplace
    • D23 Expo Shop x Mickey’s of Glendale
    • Mickey’s of Glendale Main Store 


  • WHAT: Attendees will be able shop select limited-edition collection items with StorePass
  • HOW: An online reservation system will be made available prior to the start of D23 Expo. Details on how to get a StorePass reservation will be announced later this summer.

See it for Yourself

D23 Expo 2022 takes place in Anaheim, CA from September 9 – 11, 2022.

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#D23Expo Virtual Queue, Mobile Checkout and StorePass will aim to make shopping a little easier this year