The Wonders of Xandar exhibit at EPCOT serves as the premise and backdrop for the entire GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: COSMIC REWIND attraction and sets up the backstory for why this experience is located in Walt Disney World with an archival cameo by Walt Disney himself.

Check out a full transcript of this intro video below.

Thousands of years ago, the first citizens of Xandar settled on this planet drawn to its incredible beauty and life-giving wonders. In time, we built our city in honor of the Nova Corps: a beacon to all who approach our planet from space. As time, passed, Xandar became the galactic hub for advanced technology and innovative urban planning. From the start, Xandarians embraced the design principles that promoted a symbiotic relationship between our natural world and its inhabitants.

Xandar City was designed around a series of green zones, offering natural spaces for our 12 billion residents to live, work, and play. Each zone contains a notable civic center, entertainment and cultural offerings, merchant shops, dining, education _ medical _ zones, transportation networks, and more — all designed to provide our citizens with a better way of life.

Through the years, new citizens brought in new materials and building techniques that accelerated the diversification of our architectural designs. As our urban center became denser, a central command and supporting waterways helped expand Xandar City outward, enabling easy circulation of goods and people. Xandar soon became a prominent trading port; the largest import/export hub in the entire Andromeda Galaxy.

Like your planet, Terra, Xandar is dependent on water for life. Our oceans produce both energy and food for population. One of our more advanced projects is our APG or Atoll Power Generation; featuring a unique silicon based _, these reefs interact with _ in our sea water and act as natural super conductors. Power is generated and transferred wirelessly to land-based storage units for a constant supply of energy. We are also enormously proud that our oceans are home to thousands of species of _.

Yes, everything we do on Xandar is done with a goal of creating a better way of life for our citizens. Another of our cities on Xandar was designed in a radial pattern. We recently learned that your Terran visionary, Walt Disney, had a similar goal in mind with his early concepts for an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. We are gratified that he and you appreciate the value of good design and better living and are proud to share our Xandarian story with you, here at EPCOT.

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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: COSMIC REWIND opens at EPCOT in Walt Disney World on May 27, 2022.