PINGO DOCE? What the heck is Pingo Doce? For Disney fans who keep hawk-eye attention to Disney Parks announcements, the answer is simple: it’s the newest drink at the Marvel-themed AVENGERS CAMPUS expansion at Disney California Adventure.


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“But what is it?” you might be asking. Or more apt, “WHY is it? What is it from?” Well, it’s a drink that’s in some Marvel movies… sometimes. That’s it. Really, it’s just a random drink that’s sorta been in the background over the years. So it’s no surprise that Disney made very little fanfare for the new exclusive Disney Parks beverage.

Unlike highly-anticipated Star Wars Blue Milk, which had a lot of pressure to be just right, Pingo Doce was a sort of lesser-favored sibling. Let’s call it the LOKI of the Disney Parks beverage world. Without the expectation to be the next mega-stellar seller, the drink just sort of flitted into existence but much like one underestimated Asgardian, it has taken us all by surprise.

After trying the magical nectar for ourselves, we now identify as part of a small (and quickly growing) coalition of fanatics for the bright green new concoction. The naughty witch’s brew is a whoa-this-shouldn’t-work combination of vanilla and lime flavors slung from a Coke Freestyle machine and served in a bewitching shade of Hulktastic green.

How to try Pingo Doce

The only true way to try Pingo Doce (for now) is to venture into Disney California Adventure for your chance to sip the beverage at Pym Test Kitchen.

BUT… If you aren’t going to be visiting AVENGERS CAMPUS any time soon, you can try this copycat option almost anywhere. All you need to find is a location near you that offers a Coke Freestyle machine (check out the official Coke Freestyle Locator for more info.) It’s the same type of machine used at Pym Test Kitchen.

Once you have found a Coke Freestyle machine, you just need to follow the carefully researched steps by Twitter user @hastin. Using the Coke Freestyle app, simply set your dials to a combination that is 69% Mello Yello and 31% Sprite with Vanilla — yes, the specificity matters. While the color does not exactly match the vibrant shade seen in the park, the flavor is pretty close to spot on! We tried it for ourselves at a local WingStop’s Coke Freestyle machine!

Have you tried it yet? Give Hastin a shoutout on Twitter or let us know in the comments below what you think!

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