In case you missed it, the Haunted Mansion‘s most infamous resident finally made himself visible yesterday. After so many years of rumors and debate, a brand new Hatbox Ghost figure made its debut in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

The figure actually originally debuted in the attraction when it first opened but due to alleged issues with getting the effect of the disappearing head to work properly it was removed never to be seen from again.

Poor documentation on the original figure and its removal led to many speculation over the years as to whether or not the figure was ever actually seen by the public. Regardless, he remained a popular figure over the years and even appeared on popular-selling merchandise despite not actually being a character that has been ever notably featured in the attraction.

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His return was marked by passionate fans arriving bright and early to the park to be amongst the first to celebrate his return. A large group of people swarmed straight to the mansion at rope drop and despite a 10 minute delay after park opening, crowds were eager to finally get the chance to see him for themselves.

The effect itself is extremely convincing, quite well done, and fits rather perfectly into the overall flow of the attraction. Much more so than the other less-poorly received Bride who continues rambling on to herself in corner of the attic.

Check out this official video by Disney about the process of bringing the notable figure back into the attraction!




…Or is it just the beginning?