Disney recently unveiled a new TOMORROWLAND EXCLUSIVE MOVIE SNEAK PEEK at Disneyland showcasing a 20 minute look at the new film. The preview is in essence an edited down version of the film’s opening act and then it ends with a trailer.

The venues 4D capabilities are used subtly in sync with the film including rumbling, water splash, fans, and lights.

For fans of the 1964 World’s Fair, there is a good bit of it shown in the film’s opening and a new display at the Disneyland exhibit features several pieces of the artwork created to support the recreation of the idealized 1960s vision of the future.

TOMORROWLAND opens in theatres May 22.

The preview is setup under Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.

A mini intro to the SNEAK PEEK by Producer/Writer Damon Lindelof and Director Brad Bird.

The counter will look familiar if you’ve seen the film.


There’s a really fantastic exhibit showcasing the minute details that were poured over to recreate the 1964 World’s Fair from the film.