It’s been a while since our last in park pictorial (life will do that, sometimes) but our visit yesterday was as fruitful as it was tiring! Apart from covering the Blue Carpet World Premiere of the new TOMORROWLAND film due out in theaters May 22 (more on that soon), we walked around both parks for an ongoing look at new construction and refurb projects.

The real reason for visiting though was for a look at the highly anticipated Hatbox Ghost (more here) who not so quietly made his debut yesterday at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. The creepy figure of fan legend made his triumphant return much to the applause of Disney fans across the social media sphere.

We also took some time to just ENJOY the parks and even stopped to enjoy the Pixar Play Parade and take in a couple of rides (other than the 6 we took on the Haunted Mansion, that is!) So sit back and relax as we take you to Disneyland!

New #Disneyland60 decorations are starting to appear all around the park.

The ticket booths now shout it from the rooftrops that the Disneyland Resort is celebrating 60 years!

Signage all around the Resort (including the hotels) warned guests about early closures in Tomorrowland–although it didn’t specify that the reason was so that George Clooney and all the other invited guests could enjoy an all-out world premiere party for the new film!

Main Entrance is starting to show #Disneyland60 decore with new blue bunting strung from the train station. It’s a bit of a contrast with the purple flowers below.

When the park opened, there seemed to be a clear direction that many of the early-risers were headed…

Straight to the Haunted Mansion! Today is the day for HATBOX GHOST!

Alas, it seems the new resident (or nearly emerged since he has apparently always lived here according to the story) was causing some delays. The attraction opened about 10 minutes after the park.

Fastpass was made available to help accommodate the hoards (which proved to not be all that big) who were eager to see the Hatbox Ghost.

Not everyone seemed thrilled about his return…

He’s BACK?

Oh, whatever. I’ll chop his head off again if I have to!

See more here at our original posting: WATCH: Hatbox Ghost returns to Disneyland Haunted Mansion with impressive new tech

The moving walkway was painted once again to simulate carpet.

Disney merchandising was ready.

Maid headband.

Some more mansion goodies. Make final arrangements now.

The monorails of Disneyland have been given a light layover to promote the new TOMORROWLAND film, as well.

The trademark pin sits on the side of each of the cars.

Closer look at the pin decal.

Monorail Orange also features the new graphics.

Meanwhile, Downtown Disney was getting ready for its own TOMORROWLAND celebration… the world premiere of the film!

Fans awaited the chance to spot some celebs!

The entire theatre was closed for the premiere.

Signage warned guests about early closures. The monorail was the passageway into the Tomorrowland after-party following the screening of the film.

AMC got a little overdressing to tie into the look of the film.

Parks are this way… well let’s hop the monorail instead.

Over at Disneyland, lamp-posts have all been plussed with some #Disneyland60 bunting and decor. Not bad!


Bonjour again!

Lots of bunting. Bunting bunting everywhere!




Even the Main Street vehicles get bunting.

New magical windows in progress. When they’re unveiled, they should prove quite impressive!

Brunch at Jolly Holiday Bakery. Ham and Cheese quiche with fruit.

All day every day. Jolly Holiday Combo. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. If you’re crazy enough to want one of the other soups on the menu, this can be done at no extra charge.

Olaf sippers are here. Cuz you always needed one of these!

Tomorrowland preview is now open. The film opens in theaters May 22.

A nice 20 minute preview of the film setting up some of the groundwork for the film.

A mini intro to the preview by Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird.

The counter will look familiar if you’ve seen the film.

There’s a really fantastic exhibit showcasing the minute details that were poured over to recreate the 1964 World’s Fair from the film.

To see more, check out our original posting: TOMORROWLAND Exclusive Movie Sneak Peek opens at Disneyland.

Over in Adventureland, there’s some work going on in part of the Jungle Cruise upper queue. Will the space once again be used for live entertainment?

Mark Twain…. BUNTING!!!

Took me a minute to realize what was off about the sign. It’s actually not the real sign at all but a temporary flat one while the real one is refurbished.

All of Critter Country is open once again though.

Not much in the way of visibly noticeable changes though.

Lulz. Extended queue for Pooh.

Hobbits live in Critter Country?

See the Hidden Mickey?

Why so grumpy?

Woohooo hoooo!

Another day in the parks.


The ugly white tents have instead been exchanged for nicer looking umbrellas.

Lots of sparkle making in Fantasyland.

ToonTown City Hall is looking neat and pretty.

Gazebo is getting some work done.

Always loved this cartoon short, Mickey’s Trailer. Looks like ToonTown Cast Members are rocking new costumes. Poor things.

No more Pork Shanks since OCTOBER. How did I miss this? Sad face.

Digital menus are gone, or at least not on today at Tangaroa Terrace.

Menu was updated not that long ago.

Garlic sauteed shrimp with a lime tartar dressing and cabbage served on a corn tortilla.

You get three of them with a spoonful of slaw. Fries and drink were extra. With AP discount, this rang up to just under 20 bucks. >,<

New fancy trash cans have sprung up all around the Disneyland Hotel.

Exterior refurbishments continue.

New signage at the Disneyland Hotel promotes the #Disneyland60, as well.

Goofy was happy to point it all out.


Wouldja look at that?

Oh yeah, 60 years!


No bobsledding today.

The boutique hotel across from the HoJo Anaheim is coming along rather nicely!

Saw floating turtles and walking land fish.

It was a great big world of Innoventions.

Now it’s closed.

Parade Times cause for the strangest meet and greets sometimes!

New colors for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster exterior.

New Disneyland Forever projection boxes are quite large!

Sleeping Beauty Castle Outhouses.

I’m wishing, someday my waterfalls will work.

Matterhorn falls were on and trains were cycling.

Caslte. Just cause.

What are you smiling at?

Backside of castle.

Closer look at the new draperies.


Flag retreat ceremony.

Hiya pal!

Carthay Circle is getting ready for its #Disneyland60 makeover.

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that bling!

Condor Flats is a memory and Grizzly Peak Airfield is today!

You can just barely make out the SOARIN letters on the new sign.

New trial signage on the walkway, too.

A look down the airfield runway. Not a very clear flight path!

Frozen Fun is glowing away.

Walls are up all around the Backlot area.

Frozen Fun is literally being ripped out.

It’s not clear what will become of the extensive remodel of Wandering Oaken’s but it’s likely to stay for some time.

Never noticed the leather goods.

Don’t forget about ma, today!

Cinderella sweets.

Frozen snacks.

Mickey Ear Hat Brownie. nom nom nom.

Grad Nite merch.

Tomorrowland was closed by 5pm and big hedges went up to keep the private party free from looky-loos.

And now, just because some Pixar Play Parade…

And now some artsy fartsy fountain shots at the Carthay Circle Fountain to close out the pictorial!