No, this isn’t a new land themed coming to a Disney Park, the DISNEY IMAGINATION CAMPUS is a new reimagined line of educational experiences for visiting student groups to encourage career exploration and teach critical skills. Harnessing popular Disney franchises such as Star Wars, Pixar, Frozen, etc., plus utilizing Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Live Entertainment, the new program aims to to supercharge the futures of its participants.

DISNEY IMAGINATION CAMPUS, which debuts at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, will involve a collection of interactive workshops, performances and special events touching on a variety of subjects, including performing arts, technology, science, humanities and leadership.

The curriculum is based on four educational pillars:

  • Performing Arts – Students will engage in workshops taught by world-class Disney entertainment professionals and perform on Disney stages for audiences from around the world.
  • Art & Humanities – Students will discover the role that artists play in theme park design through the exploration of artistic media and storytelling.
  • Science & Technology – Students will explore how science and technology applies to every element of the theme park experience and is used to create Disney magic for guests.
  • Leadership & Innovation – Students will engage in hands-on learning that challenges their creative problem-solving and communication skills based on the real-world business experiences of Disney leaders.

The DISNEY IMAGINATION CAMPUS curriculum will also leverage a new collaboration with education platform Kahoot! to integrate interactive elements. Kahoot!, which has engaged 5 billion cumulative players since 2013, empowers students to learn through play with its live games, study tools and challenges.

In addition to drawing on its decades of experience in the youth education space, Disney collaborated with teachers to develop a uniquely Disney curriculum with a hands-on approach to learning. Based on industry trends, the imagination-powered curriculum emphasizes key performance criteria as well as the critical skills students need to succeed in today’s business world, including leadership, confidence, creative problem-solving and team work.

See it for Yourself

DISNEY IMAGINATION CAMPUS launches January 2022.

Student groups can learn more about the curriculum and register for workshops by visiting Group tickets for Walt Disney World Resort are currently available for online purchase.

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