INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE is one of most popular attractions at Disneyland and it also has some of the lowest amounts of usable outdoor queue space. In order to abide by state guidelines (which require outdoor attractions queues), it seems Disney is now going to be utilizing its Virtual Queue system as a solution.

The current move may be temporary but it now joins the list as the second attraction at the Disneyland Resort to offer the Virtual Queue service along side fan-favorite STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE.

We noticed on our May 1 visit to Disneyland the currently-closed-for-refurbishment JUNGLE CRUISE attraction was being used as outdoor queue space for INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE providing much-needed Adventureland real estate to physically distance guests. However, the refurbishment for Disney’s popular boat ride is not expected to last more than a few more weeks.

It’s unclear if Disney intends to keep the service once health and safety restrictions are eased up although there has been speculation that Virtual Queues will play a much larger role in Disneyland’s not too distant future.

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