Although the Disney Parks are all aglow once again in the US, many of the former Cast Members who help create that spark remain without work. Following the unprecedented layoffs last Fall, many existing and former Disney staff have found creative ways to offer assistance for those affected. The Facebook group EAR FOR EACH OTHER is one such resource.

Abiding by a simple mission, “to provide a space where furloughed and impacted Cast can showcase their side hustles,” the group has helped thousands of Cast Members get back on their feet with new opportunities to utilize their crafts. From bakers and painters to crafters, carpenters, and beyond, there’s no shortage of talent in the Cast Member community and no shortage of kind souls willing to help. Still, the group is confident it can do more.

EAR FOR EACH OTHER endeavors to aid affected Cast Members of both Walt Disney World Resort AND Disneyland Resort and while the group has found an especially strong foothold on the east coast, admins are confident that there are still many more on the west coast that can still benefit from the group and its message.

To date, more than 120,000 followers have joined the page but a large portion of it remains rooted in Florida usership. There are still thousands of Cast Members on the west coast who could benefit and the group is hoping to continue growing its support base. If you know ANY affected Cast Members who could benefit from a fine-tuned audience of like-minded fans of the Mouse, the group is still accepting new members.

EAR FOR EACH OTHER is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.