Last year, the Marvel New York City offices found their walls graced by a massive mural which they commissioned from renowned artist Alex Ross. Featuring life-size renderings of 35 classic Marvel supers, the piece was painstakingly painted non-digitally over the course of more than a year. Now, starting April 20, 2021, the fruits of those efforts will no longer be just for the lucky few to walk the storied halls in New York thanks to the new THE ALEX ROSS MARVEL COMICS POSTER BOOK.

Imagine in elementary school that one awesome book that everybody wanted from the book mobile and then dial the class-level up to eleven and you’ll start to get the idea of what’s entailed in this fantastic new tome. This first-ever collection of these iconic images includes 35 REMOVABLE, ready-to-frame, art prints along with an intro and commentary by Ross. Not only that, there’s also some preliminary sketches and layouts to admire plus the book features a bonus four-page gatefold of the full mural as it was created for Marvel’s New York City offices.

The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book

Although the original mural is an assemblage of the 35 heroes standing together, Ross painted each character individually so that they could (and eventually would) be used for other purposes including comic variant covers and other collectible means (such as this book). Each individual hero poster utilizes a stark white background from which each super jumps off the page. Ross’ style here is evocative of pin-up paintings from the 1950s and the characters themselves are intended to be timeless prototypical representations inspired primarily by the comics with vibes ranging from the 1940s through the 1980s and beyond.

The-Alex-Ross-Marvel-Comics-Poster-Book-closeup-detailTo call this a “paperback” is partially a misnomer as the thick stock of the paper is akin to that of a greeting card on semi-glossy paper with each art print removed from the book measuring 11″ x 16″. The super high print quality makes these absolutely perfect for gallery display. The back of each print contains the name of the hero plus commentary from Ross on his motivations for the depiction and a small history on the character’s visual appearance.

Perhaps what’s most striking is the price. As of press time, you can pre-order THE ALEX ROSS MARVEL COMICS POSTER BOOK on Amazon for just $24.99. That’s less than $1 for each art print inside. In full disclosure, the copy of the book that we received was provided complimentarily in exchange for us to share our honest opinions. Still, it’s hard to argue that this is not an incredibly great deal for the budding Marvel fan or someone looking to class up their geek cred with some truly spectacular artwork.

The contents of this book will leave you pleasantly surprised and the price point makes this a truly irresistible choice to consider as a gift for the young and young at heart. To learn more about Ross and his process for bringing this effort to life, you can see this video he shared to YouTube below.

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THE ALEX ROSS MARVEL COMICS POSTER BOOK is available where books are sold starting April 20, 2021.

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The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book