A few days ago, we learned of the auspicious plans for Shanghai Disney Resort to celebrates its year-long Year of Magical Surprises 5th anniversary and today they unleashed the original new theme song: “Magical Surprise.”

The song features pop singer Liu Yuning and a fun, fantastical tune about all the surprising and magical ways Shanghai Disneyland enables guests to discover and share their happiness with each visit. Starting today, guests can listen to the song on multiple major streaming services (including Spotify, Apple Music, QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, NetEase Music, Migu Music and ).

We also found a fan upload which you can listen to here:

Named in tribute to the resort’s “Year of Magical Surprises”, the “Magical Surprise” song features rhythmic claps, a lively brass solo, a cheering crowd, and opens with the line “I feel the magic finally coming in”. The song takes listeners on an auditory adventure, with each verse and chorus building in excitement.

Liu Yuning Magical Surprise Shanghai Disney 5th AnniversaryThe Mandarin version of “Magical Surprise” combines the spectacular work of international and local Chinese artists. The cross-cultural collaboration was written by Jeff Lewis and Grammy-Award-nominated producer Chris Sernel, who have both enjoyed successful musical partnerships with Disney, and features Chinese pop singer Liu Yuning.

Beloved across China for his energetic voice and dynamic outlook, Liu Yuning’s passionate performance on the song’s Mandarin production expertly illustrates the surprise-filled moments that await guests and fans as part of Shanghai Disney Resort’s birthday celebrations.

About the Celebration

Starting April 8, “Magical Surprise” will welcome guests as part of Mickey’s Storybook Express’s pre-parade, encouraging fans to dance along as the parade passes by. Guests can also enjoy both the Mandarin and English versions of the new song on a number of special occasions during the resort’s year-long celebrations.

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See it for Yourself

Year of Magical Surprises celebration takes place at Shanghai Disney Resort starting April 8, 2021!