Amongst the Dumbo-sized drop of information today about Disneyland’s reopening, we got some additional new details for the newly-refreshed Snow White’s Enchanted Wish attraction at Disneyland!


Imagineers learned to ‘whistle while they work’ from home for SNOW WHITE’S ENCHANTED WISH

Before the unprecedented COVID-19 coronavirus park closures, Disneyland was already well udnerway with a refurbishment of the classic Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Imagineers continued to whistle while they worked (from home) to ensure classic Fantasyland attraction is freshly updated with stunning new magic both inside and out.

The new description for the attraction today indicates several elements we’ve already seen confirmed including:

  •  A dancing figure of Snow White joining the dwarfs in their cottage as the scent of a baking pie wafts through the air
  • Vibrant new shadow projections show the dwarfs as they march off to the mine happily singing “Heigh Ho”
  • New lighting, glittering jewels and shimmering effects make the mine sparkle.
  • In the end, Snow White and her Prince ride joyfully into a golden sunset to live happily ever after.

What had been missing before today was details on the Evil Queen herself who formerly took up a very large percentage of the attraction’s overall experience. Now, we have some insights as to what to expect, courtesy of Disney:

Guests [will] travel through the Queen’s den to see a new library of spell books, glowing potions and bubbling flasks, toward the famous magic mirror.

See it for Yourself

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish will open with Disneyland Park on April 30, 2021.

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