Just one day after the implementation new Regional Stay-At-Home order conditions for the state of California, it’s been confirmed that the Southern California region on Friday dipped below the critical 15% ICU capacity threshold. By dipping below that critical threshold, Southern California may well trigger the new stricter three-week Regional Stay-At-Home order guidelines.

Per the Los Angels Times, however, “Friday’s numbers do not trigger the stay-at-home order. But if the percentages remain below 15% on Saturday, the order would be triggered as early as Sunday.”

What this means for Downtown Disney and recently added areas within Disney California Adventure Park or for the Knott’s Taste of Merry Farm event is yet to be seen as the new restrictions that could go into effect seem to require modifying some of the respective operational offerings.

Sectors that will remain open when a region is placed into the Regional Stay-At-Home, include:

  • Schools that are already open
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Retail (20% capacity to reduce exposure)
  • Restaurants (take-out and delivery)

Sectors that will be temporarily closed when a region is placed into the Stay-At-Home include:

  • Bars
  • Wineries
  • Personal Services
  • Hair Salons / Barbershops

Per the Los Angeles Times, the five Regions designated in California have the following ICU capacity as of Friday Night.

  • Bay Area: 21.2%
  • Greater Sacramento Region: 21.4%
  • Rural Northern California: 20.9%
  • San Joaquin Valley: 14.1%
  • Southern California: 13.1%

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