It’s official. DuckTales has been cancelled and will have no further episodes once this third season culminates. In a shared statement posted today to Twitter, series Co-Executive Producers / Writers Tad Stones and Matt Youngberg confirmed the sad news:

We’ve always said that you have to go into every season of a show as if it’s your last, leave nothing on the table, and have faith that your team will eventually be able to top it. With that in mind, we crafted Season 3 of DuckTales as one focused on Legacy, on the future of the Duck Family, and what that means, tying into questions and mysteries that were set up way back in the very first episode of our show. So ultimately, we were prepared for this season to be our last.

Our whole team is so proud to be a part of the continuing legacy of these characters. Even more so, we’re proud of the community that this show has given us, from our dear friends on the crew and cast, to all the fans we’ve met both in person and online who share the same love that we have for these incredible characters. We’re sure we’ll have much more to say later, but right now we want to thank you for all your kind words and support throughout this whole adventure, and focus on delivering a fittingly epic adventure for Clan McDuck as the series draws to a close. Because at the end of the day, we’re all fans. And we’re all family.

And family truly is the greatest adventure of all.

Huh. That’s weird. Usually there’s some kind of crash before we can finish th —



Matt and Frank

The statement came after a few Tweet this last night by Drew Taylor indicating “the offices haven’t been open for a while now… of the key creative talents have moved onto other, equally exciting projects!” Taylor also noted that one of the upcoming projects in development was for Darkwing Duck with Seth Rogen and Point Grey Pictures.

The news comes as a huge disappointment for fans of a show that garnered a quick fan-buzz for its clever adaptation of decades old characters and storylines and morphing them into a style, humor, and sensibility that felt distinctly modern. Aside from revisiting tales from the original cartoon series (and even older comics), the show has not been shy introducing other fan favorites from other shows including Darkwing Duck, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, and yet-to-be-seen appearances Tale SpinGoof Troop, The Wuzzles, and more.

The show also left an indelible mark on San Diego Comic-Con for all three years of its run with unforgettable panels that we had the fortune of visiting!