During the 2020 Walt Disney Company Investor Day presentation a massive jungle-sized set of announcements were made about the upcoming releases coming from Disney’s massive media empire. From theatrical and digital releases on Disney+ and beyond there was a lot to uncover.

THE WALT DISNEY STUDIOS is one of the main divisions under Disney’s umbrella and there was a lot of news to share.


A FULL LOOK: Disney drops more than 100 series and film announcements

Hocus Pocus 2 

Hocus Pocus 2, exclusively on Disney+, is the spooky sequel to the 1993 Halloween cult classic “Hocus  Pocus.” Adam Shankman is set to direct. 

Three Men and a Baby 

Three Men and a Baby, a modern take on the hilarious ’80s comedy, will star Zac Efron and is slated for a  2022 release on Disney+. 


Safety, premiering tomorrow, December 11, on Disney+, is a drama inspired by the empowering story of  former Clemson University football safety Ray McELrathBey, a young man facing a series of challenging  circumstances, whose dedication and persistence help him to triumph over repeated adversities. “Marshall”  director Reginald Hudlin helms the uplifting drama. 

The Keanon Lowe project 

The Keanon Lowe project, coming to Disney+, is inspired by the incredible real-life story of a high school  coach who averted tragedy through compassion. Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia are on  board as producers for the project through their Seven Bucks Productions.  

Greek Freak 

Greek Freak heads into production next year for Disney+. It is the remarkable story of NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and his family, who lifted themselves out of poverty as undocumented immigrants living in  Greece. Ultimately, Giannis finds himself on the world stage.  

The Chris Paul project 

The Chris Paul project is a biographical film in development for Disney+ about NBA superstar Chris Paul. It follows Paul’s deeply moving story of family, legacy and destiny that helped make him who he is today. 

Flora & Ulysses 

Flora & Ulysses is a delightful comedy-adventure based on the Newbery Award–winning book about  10-year-old Flora, an avid comic book fan and a self-avowed cynic, who rescues a squirrel with unique  superhero powers. Flora & Ulysses stars Matilda Lawler and is directed by Lena Khan (“The Tiger Hunter”).  The film makes its debut on Disney+ February 19, 2021. 

Cheaper by the Dozen 

Cheaper by the Dozen, a reimagining of the hit comedy with “black-ish” producer Kenya Barris, will air on  Disney+ in 2022. The story centers on a multiracial, blended family of 12, navigating a hectic home life while  managing their family business. Gabrielle Union is set to star. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which has spawned a successful live-action film franchise from the popular books,  comes to Disney+ in 2021 as an all-new animated film. 

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild 

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, exclusively for Disney+, is a spin-off of the popular “Ice Age”  franchise from 20th Century Studios. The story centers on three series favorites: the prankster possum  brothers Crash and Eddie, and the swashbuckling titular weasel, Buck. Simon Pegg will be returning in the  role of Buck. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is slated for an early 2022 release. 

Night at the Museum 

Night at the Museum comes to Disney+ with a new twist: this time it’s animated. Shawn Levy, who has  helped shape the blockbuster franchise as director of the previous films, and is also helming 20th Century  Studios’ upcoming “Free Guy,” is on board as a producer. Night at the Museum launches on Disney+ in 2021. 

Jungle Cruise 

Jungle Cruise takes audiences on a rollicking thrill-ride down the Amazon with wisecracking skipper Frank  Wolff and intrepid researcher Dr. Lily Houghton. Jaume Collet-Serra directs the film, which stars Dwayne  Johnson, Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramirez, Jack Whitehall, with Jesse Plemons, and Paul Giamatti. Disney’s Jungle  Cruise is slated for July 2021. 

The Lion King live-action prequel 

The Lion King live-action prequel is in development with an inspired take that revisits the iconic characters.  Barry Jenkins, director of the Oscar®-winning “Moonlight,” is set to helm the film. Hans Zimmer (whose long  association with “The Lion King” goes back to the 1994 original), Pharrell Williams and Nicholas Britell will  deliver the music.

The Little Mermaid 

The Little Mermaid returns Rob Marshall to the Disney fold with a live-action take on the animated classic. In the title role is multitalented singer and actor Halle Bailey, alongside a talented cast that includes Awkwafina,  Daveed Diggs, Jacob Tremblay, with Javier Bardem and Melissa McCarthy. The film will feature the beloved  Menken-Ashman songs from the animated original and some all-new music from Alan Menken and Lin Manuel Miranda as well. 

Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers 

Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, a hybrid live-action-animated feature for Disney+, is in development. Akiva Schaffer (“Popstar”) directs, and John Mulaney and Andy Samberg are set to star in the title roles with Seth  Rogen doing a cameo. Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers is slated for spring 2022. 


Pinocchio is coming to Disney+ in a compelling new live-action retelling that will leverage state-of-the  art CGI to bring Pinocchio to life. A living puppet, with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove  himself worthy to become a real boy in a musical remake of the Disney animated classic. Robert Zemeckis  directs and Tom Hanks stars. 

Peter Pan & Wendy 

Peter Pan & Wendy, inspired by the Disney animated classic, has David Lowery (“Pete’s Dragon”) at the  helm. A young girl rebels against “growing up” by going with her two brothers to a magical land ruled by  an ageless boy obsessed with adventure who is locked in an ongoing battle with a pirate captain. The cast  includes Jude Law as Captain Hook and Yara Shahidi (“black-ish,” “grown-ish”) in the role of Tinker Bell. The  film will premiere on Disney+. 


Disenchanted, a sequel to the hit film “Enchanted,” will stream exclusively on Disney+. Amy Adams returns  as Giselle, who found her life flipped upside down when she fell out of her animated fantasy world and  discovered herself stuck in real-life Manhattan.  

Sister Act 3 

Sister Act 3, the third film in the beloved “Sister Act” series, is in development. Whoopi Goldberg is on board  to star and produce, with Tyler Perry also signed on as a producer on the project. Sister Act 3 will premiere  on Disney+. 


Cruella dives into the rebellious early days of one of the most notorious—and notoriously fashionable— villains, the legendary Cruella de Vil. Oscar® winner Emma Stone stars as Estella, aka Cruella, opposite Oscar  winner Emma Thompson as the Baroness, the head of a prestigious fashion house who plucks Estella from  obscurity as a burgeoning designer. It’s set against the backdrop of 1970s punk-rock London, and director  Craig Gillespie delivers a unique take on this one-of-a-kind villain. Cruella is coming in 2021.  

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