During the 2020 Walt Disney Company Investor Day presentation a massive set of announcements were made about the upcoming releases coming from Disney’s massive media empire. From theatrical and digital releases on Disney+ and beyond there was a lot to uncover.

PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS is one of the main divisions under Disney’s umbrella and there was a lot of news to share.


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Inside Pixar 

Inside Pixar is a new documentary series that invites Pixar fans into the studio for an up-close, never-before seen look at the artistry, craftsmanship and storytellers behind beloved films. The first five episodes are  currently available on Disney+ with more scheduled to release soon.  


Soul, available exclusively on Disney+ beginning December 25, 2020, explores themes like appreciating  the simple joys of life and finding one’s unique spark. Directed by Docter, the film introduces Joe Gardner  (voice of Jamie Foxx), a middle-school band teacher who gets the chance of a lifetime to play at the best  jazz club in town. But one small misstep takes him from the streets of New York City to The Great Before  – a fantastical place where new souls get their personalities, quirks and interests before they go to Earth.  Determined to return to his life, Joe teams up with a precocious soul, 22 (voice of Tina Fey), who has never  understood the appeal of the human experience. As Joe desperately tries to show 22 what’s great about  living, he may just discover the answers to some of life’s most important questions. Soul is co-directed by  Kemp Powers (“One Night in Miami”) and produced by Academy Award® nominee Dana Murray, p.g.a. (Pixar  short “Lou”).  


Burrow is part of Pixar’s collection of shorts called SparkShorts that are created by a diverse group of  storytellers. Debuting exclusively on Disney+ on December 25, 2020, Burrow features a young rabbit who  embarks on a journey to dig the burrow of her dreams, despite not having a clue what she’s doing. Rather  than reveal to her neighbors her imperfections, she digs herself deeper and deeper into trouble. After hitting  (bed)rock bottom, she learns there is no shame in asking for help. The new short is directed by Madeline  Sharafian and produced by Mike Capbarat.  

Pixar Popcorn 

Pixar Popcorn, coming to Disney+ in January 2021, is a collection of mini shorts featuring Pixar characters in all-new, bite-size stories created by Pixar’s talented animators. 


Luca, a new original feature film opening June 18, 2021, celebrates the universal theme of friendship. Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, it is a coming-of-age story about one young boy experiencing  an unforgettable summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides. Luca shares these adventures  with his newfound best friend, but all the fun is threatened by a deeply-held secret: they are sea monsters  from another world just below the water’s surface. Luca is directed by Academy Award® nominee Enrico  Casarosa (Pixar short “La Luna”) and produced by Andrea Warren (Pixar short “Lava,” “Cars 3”).  

Dug Days 

Dug Days, which premieres exclusively on Disney+ in Fall 2021, is a new collection of shorts that follows the  humorous misadventures of Dug, the lovable dog from Disney and Pixar’s “Up.” Each short features everyday  events that occur in and around Dug’s backyard, all through the exciting (and delightfully distorted) eyes  of our favorite talking dog. The shorts are written and directed by Academy Award® nominee and Emmy®  Award winner Bob Peterson and produced by Kim Collins.  

Turning Red 

Turning Red, a new feature film opening in theaters on March 11, 2022, introduces Mei Lee, a confident, dorky 13-year-old torn between staying her mother’s dutiful daughter and the chaos of adolescence. And as if  changes to her interests, relationships and body weren’t enough, whenever she gets too excited (which for  a teenager is practically ALWAYS), she “poofs” into a giant red panda! Turning Red is directed by Academy  Award® winner Domee Shi (Pixar short “Bao”) and produced by Lindsey Collins. 


Lightyear, slated to open in theaters on June 17, 2022, is a sci-fi action-adventure and the definitive origin  story of Buzz Lightyear (voice of Chris Evans)—the hero who inspired the toy. The film reveals how a young  test pilot became the Space Ranger that we all know him to be today. Lightyear is directed by Angus  MacLane and produced by Galyn Susman.  


Cars, coming to Disney+ in Fall 2022, is an all-new series that follows Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater on a cross-country road trip. These episodes are filled with lots of fun new characters, imaginative  destinations as well as old friends checking in along the way. The series is written by Steve Purcell and  produced by Marc Sondheimer. 

Win or Lose 

Win or Lose, Pixar’s first-ever original long-form animated series, debuts on Disney+ in 2023. It follows  a coed middle school softball team in the week leading up to their championship game. Each 20-minute  episode highlights the perspective of a different character and explores the drama of bad calls made on and  off the field. Written and directed by story artists Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates, and produced by David  Lally, Win or Lose is a comedy about love, rivalry and the challenges we all face in our struggle to win at life. 

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