We’re all nerds here, so we were thrilled when Loot Crate asked us us try their deluxe monthly box service, Loot Crate DX. I’ve known about Loot Crate for quite some time but had never taken the leap, so it was with bated breath that I awaited the arrival of our complimentary box for review… and just in time for the holidays!

If you’re not familiar with the concept, Loot Crate is a blind box subscription service. You purchase a subscription (Loot Crate DX is $49.99/month, and classic Loot Crate is $24.99/month) and each month, they ship a box full of awesome pop culture goodies to your door.

Here’s what came in the delightful little package of merriment that we received:

  • A Weta Workshop Mini Epics Frodo Baggins vinyl figure
  • An 80s-style mini-bento box featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • An exclusive Rick & Morty t-shirt
  • Pac-Man pins
  • Mythical monster coasters
  • A Pinky and the Brain mug
  • Tobin’s Spirit Guide from Ghostbusters
  • An exclusive Doctor Who comic
  • DC Justice League lithographs
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Needless to say, it was a lot to… unpack. (I’m sorry)

Everything in the Loot Crate DX was really high quality. These are good items that if purchased on their own would definitely far exceed the box price of $49.99, plus you get the added benefit of it feeling like a special gift. This is the real psychological joy of a blind box subscription — it’s a true surprise! And who doesn’t love opening presents and discovering what’s inside?

The contents are always a surprise, although Loot Crate does small teases as to what to expect as far the IPs (intellectual properties — AKA the brands) involved in that month’s box. For example, orders placed this week will get November’s Loot Crate DX box, which features items inspired by Big Hero 6, E.T., Bob’s Burgers, and Saved By The Bell. It’s always an eclectic mix and always aimed at pop culture junkies.

If you have a wide taste in nerdy pop culture, it’d be hard to go wrong here. A broad range of IPs are covered in the box we received alone, with something that will strike a chord with anyone. In the past, other boxes have also included treats that we know MouseInfo readers would enjoy including Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and most recently, we shared about the Pixar limited edition series.

If there’s a downside to something like this it’s that you’re sure to end up with some things you might not be a fan of or frankly just really don’t want. But that’s an opportunity to get creative — the items are so uniquely interesting that they are great re-gifting, as well.

Loot Crate is really a perfect stress-free gift for the nerds in your life. You don’t have to pick anything out, and they’ll surely be thrilled! It’s also a perfect bit of pandemic self-care treat-yo-self. A subscription means a box of presents showing up each month, and Lord knows that’s a pick-me-up we can all use in the year that shall not be named.

Plus, on a renewing subscription, it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

See it for Yourself

Ready to give it a try? Know the perfect nerd to gift this to this holiday season? It’s time to try Loot Crate.

MORE INFO: Find more details and subscribe now for Loot Crate!