Now that the Skywalker saga has come to a close it leaves fans wondering what lies in the future? As it would turn out, it’s a look BACK into the past, not forward. No, not more prequels but instead STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC.

Set 200 years before the events of STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE, the new stories take place in an era when the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order are at their zenith. The epic new era will be explored through multiple voices in adult and young adult novels, children’s books, and comics from a variety of publishers including Disney Lucasfilm Press, Del Rey, IDW Publishing, and Marvel with new adventures and original characters.

Top-tier, fan-favorite authors including Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Daniel José Older, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule have been tapped to craft this new era of Star Wars publishing.

Highlights of the new creative sandbox of Star Wars stories from Lucasfilm top brass include:

  • A new corner of the galaxy to explore through rich, meaningful stories
  • The Jedi as we’ve always wanted to see them — as true guardians of peace and justice
  • A hopeful, optimistic time… But of course… something wicked this way comes
  • Rich tales of exploration; charting out the galaxy, meeting new cultures, and discovering what pioneer life in the Outer Rim was like
  • A time of galactic expansion in the Outer Rim
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See it for Yourself

The first books and comics are set to debut at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in August 2020 with Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi, a massive interconnected story that’s told across various formats by various publishers.

The first wave of Star Wars: The High Republic titles includes:

  • Star Wars: The High Republic: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray (Young Adult novel, Disney Lucasfilm Press / available for pre-order)
  • Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland (Middle Grade novel, Disney Lucasfilm Press / available for pre-order)
  • Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures by Daniel José Older (IDW Publishing comic book series)
  • Star Wars: The High Republic by Cavan Scott (Marvel comic book series)
  • Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule (Adult novel, Del Rey / available for pre-order)