It’s almost the most exciting time of the year – the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival! Knott’s recently updated their site to show many of the new choices for 2020, and there are some big changes to the Tasting Card this year!

Boysenberry Festival Tasting Options

This year’s 26 options are:

  1. Boysenberry Basil Lemonade – Sutter’s Booth
  2. Beer Cheese Soup topped with Boysenberry drizzle and Brown Butter Croutons – Wilderness Dance Hall
  3. Brussel Sprouts topped with a Boysenberry Balsamic and Bacon – Pemmican Pickle Booth
  4. Beef Tips with Boysenberry Mashed Potatoes – Spur’s Chophouse
  5. Boysenberry Chicken Mole on Cilantro Rice – Wagon Wheel Pizza
  6. Boysenberry Sangria – Wilderness Broiler
  7. Boysenberry Cajun Shrimp over Grits – Spur’s Chophouse
  8. Boysenberry BBQ Chicken Drumstick – Spur’s Booth
  9. Boysenberry Steak Chili with a Boysenberry Cornbread Muffin – Pemmican Pickle Booth
  10. Samosa with Boysenberry Chutney – Wagon Wheel Pizza
  11. Pork Bao Bun with Boysenberry Kimchi and Nam Pla – Spur’s Chophouse
  12. Boysenberry Ceviche with Tortilla Chips – Wilderness Broiler
  13. Boysenberry Smoothie – Silver Bullet Booth #1
  14. Homemade Chips with Boysenberry Onion Dip – Wilderness Broiler
  15. Boysenberry Sausage on a Bun – Wilderness Dance Hall Booth
  16. Elote with Boysenberry Mayo, Cotija Cheese, and Boysenberry Tortilla Chips – Chow House Booth
  17. Mac and Cheese Bites with Boysenberry Ketchup – Calico Fry Co.
  18. Glazed Donut Holes with Boysenberry Ice Cream and a Boysenberry Coulis – Ghost Town Bakery
  19. Boysenberry Bread Pudding topped with Boysenberry Coulis and Crème Anglaise Sauce – Wagon Wheel Pizza
  20. Pastrami Sandwich on a Pretzel Bun topped with Boysenberry Mustard – Wilderness Broiler
  21. Boysenberry Macaron – Ghost Town Bakery
  22. Churro rolled in Boysenberry Sugar – Silver Bullet Booth #2
  23. Boysenberry Ice Cream – Silver Bullet Dip n’ Dots
  24. Boysenberry Beer – Sutter’s Booth
  25. Boysenberry Wine – Sutter’s Booth
  26. Boysenberry Mimosa


The tasting card runs $40 this year, with a 5% (read: $2) Season Passholder discount. While the price has gone up over the years, the card options have as well.

Remember the first year where it was 1 of each item, no substitutions? What a time to be alive!

More to Explore

Knott’s is throwing some boysenberry on much more than those 25 items. There’s even more options around the park available for purchase. Knott’s hasn’t announced if any of these will be available on the Dining Plan yet, but it’s possible that some will. They could also announce new items at any time, and we’ll be sure to update this post if they do!

Spur’s Chophouse:

  • Boysenberry Pork Shawarma
  • Hand-Dipped Boysenberry Cheesecake on a stick

Ghost Town Grill:

  • Boysenberry Philly Cheesesteak
  • Boysenberry Gumbo

Beachy Keen’s Pizza:

  • Boysenberry Sausage and Meatball Pizza
  • Boysenberry Dole Whip

Coasters Diner:

  • Boysenberry Cake Shake
  • Turkey Sandwich with Boysenberry – Cranberry Sauce

Ghost Town Grub:

  • Fun Bun with a Boysenberry Glaze
  • Boysenberry Crepe with Chocolate and Bananas


  • Boysenberry Tortilla Quesadilla
  • Sweet Boysenberry Tamales

Cable Car Kitchen and Log Ride Funnel Cake:

  • Boysenberry Funnel Cake topped with a Boysenberry Cookie and Ice Cream
  • Funnel Cake topped with a Stuffed Donut, Boysenberry Ice Cream, and Boysenberry Whipped Cream

Cable Car Kitchen:

  • Boysenberry Waffle

Ghost Town Bakery:

  • Boysenberry Flavored Macaroons, Cookies, Key Lime Tarts, Cannoli, and Eclairs

Gourmet Coffee Hut:

  • Boysenberry and Strawberry Boba

Boardwalk BBQ:

  • Riblets in Boysenberry BBQ Sauce

La Papa Loca:

  • Boysenberry BBQ Pulled Pork Fries

Grizzly Creek Lodge:

  • Boysenberry Butter Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Plain or with Pork Belly


  • Popcorn Chicken with Boysenberry BBQ Sauce

Icee Mix-it-Up:

  • Boysenberry Cucumber Lemonade

Fiesta Dogs:

  • 2-Foot Long Hot Dog on a Boysenberry Bun

Chow House:

  • Boysenberry Lemon Churro Bites

See it for Yourself

Knott’s Boysenberry Festival runs daily at Knott’s Berry Farm from March 20 – April 19, 2020.

But Wait, There’s More!

Knott’s is celebrating their 100th anniversary this summer, and they’ll be celebrating their history with some of the Festival entertainment as well. Some of the new and returning shows include:

  • Totally Tubular 80s Dance Party
  • Boysenberry Blues
  • Crafts Fair
  • Fiesta with DJ Cruz
  • History of the Boysenberry
  • Riverboat Revenge
  • Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree