Once the hullabaloo of Christmas has passed at Disneyland Paris, the resort will be diving head-first into everything FROZEN 2. With the return of FROZEN CELEBRATION and a slew of entertainment and even EATertainment options it’s definitely the place to go if the cold never bothered you, anyway.


The celebration brings the world of Arendelle and beyond to life with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven in tow!

“Frozen 2: An Enchanted Journey”

  • frozen 2 disneyland paris (4)Anna and Elsa will wear their new outfits as seen by audiences in Frozen 2 in a brand-new float to be unveiled. It will feature the silhouette of the mysterious Nokk, which audiences will have briefly glimpsed in the trailer. Olaf and Anna will be in an ice canoe and Sven will be at the rear of the float in this spectacular voyage inspired by Frozen 2. They will be surrounded by dazzling dancers and accompanied by the new music from the film.
  • The brand-new float being created for “Frozen 2: An Enchanted Journey” will be the tallest float at Disneyland Paris at no less than 6 metres.
  • Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven will be on the new voyage, accompanied by about twenty dancers.
  • The dancers will be wearing costumes specially designed for the occasion by the creative team at Disneyland Paris.

“Frozen: A Musical Invitation”

  • frozen 2 disneyland paris (2)A brand-new show all about the first Frozen film from 17 November 2019 called “Frozen: A Musical Invitation” will be performed several times a day for the Animation Celebration at Walt Disney Studios Park.
  • Princess Anna will be delighted to invite the audience to celebrate a major premiere with her: Queen Elsa’s famous ice palace opens to everyone for the first time. But before that, she’ll make sure that everyone learns the magic moves for celebrating her sister’s powers.
  • This happens in Kristoff’s barn – with a typically Norwegian decor – where the characters of Frozen and the audience enjoy a bit of interactive fun. And they’ll also get the chance to see Sven the reindeer for the very first time on a stage at Disneyland Paris. Kristoff will even sing “Reindeers Are Better Than People” live.
  • Then comes the big moment when Anna invites adults and children to enter a new space opening directly onto a room in Elsa’s palace. When she sings the show-stopping “Let It Go”, Frozen fans are invited to do the moves they have just learned, demonstrating their love for Elsa and the powers that she was afraid to reveal. This shared moment is marked by the song – always sung live – “Love is an Open Door”.
  • The music for “Frozen: A Musical Invitation” was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.
  • An orchestra of 68 musicians were involved in the production.
  • Recording the 23 minutes of music for the show took less than 24 hours.
  • The Art of Disney Animation attraction was redesigned as the Animation Celebration and new sets were created for the show.

Meet Olaf

Animation Celebration will feature the lovable snowman from the enchanted forest ready for hugs and pictures.

Frozen 2  Sneak Peek

  • Guests at Walt Disney Studios Park get an exclusive glimpse of the very first images from Frozen 2 from 4 November in Studio Theater.

Magic Over Lake Disney**: The Frozen Edition

  • End the day in spectacular fashion on the 24, 27 and 29 January 2020 with “Magic Over Lake Disney *: The Frozen Edition”.

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Frozen Collection

  • frozen 2 disneyland paris (1)Disneyland Paris has its own product development chain with product manager and designers. They use their expertise to design a huge number of exclusive creations for the souvenir and lifestyle ranges, allowing everyone to prolong the Disneyland Paris experience by bringing home a souvenir of their visit.
  • Disneyland Paris has actually created its own Disneyland Paris Collection brand, a fashion and lifestyle brand featuring iconic characters from the world of Disney. We have Tinkerbell and Minnie, followed by Elsa, the Snow Queen, who inspired the latest collection on sale from autumn 2019 and on sale at the Disney Fashion store (Disney Village). It will be available from autumn 2019 from the Disney Fashion store in Disney Village.
  • Illustration is central to the collection, showing Elsa in a series of exclusive designs on cloaks, gloves, jumpers, t-shirts, crop-tops and skirts. There is also a series of accessories so that fans of Frozen can prolong the adventure with a whole range of stylish and magical items.
  • The Disneyland Paris shopping experience continues at shopDisney.co.uk, the digital shop window of the world of Disney.

Frozen EATertainment

Frozen Celebration is coming to the restaurants at Disneyland Paris – all in the cause of entertainment. Hence the coining of the term “EATertainment”.

  • The pastry and kitchen chefs at Disneyland Paris have put all their creativity and expertise together to create delicious specialities for adults and children.
  • Frozen will be part of the EATertainment offering at Disneyland Paris with a delicious new range full of fun available from 11 January 2020. Further details will be posted at disneylandparis-news.com/en/

Frozen Year-Round at Disneyland Paris

The beloved characters from the realm of Arendelle are celebrated throughout the day during Frozen Celebration.

  • Every day, the famous Disney Stars on Parade ends on a high note with this blast of chilly air. Elsa uses her magic to make it snow as she passes by, with her sister Elsa and Olaf the adorable snowman looking on.
  • Any perfect day at Disneyland Paris has to include the Disney Illuminations evening show, performed every day when Disneyland Paris closes. The silhouette of Sleeping Beauty Castle becomes the backdrop for an incredible mapping show featuring favourite scenes from the biggest Disney films. Frozen is there too, with no less than two key sequences, including the epic moment when Elsa sings “Let it Go”. And the crowd often sings along together at this exact moment. How could you not be spellbound by it all?
  • Frozen also headlines in the Mickey and Magician show at Walt Disney Studios Park. The audience follow Mickey as he learns magic spells from famous Disney Characters and are dazzled by breath-taking special effects. As they travel through this enchanting world of illusion, guests can meet Mickey and characters from Frozen, Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and many more as part of a dream Disney experience.

See it for Yourself

FROZEN CELEBRATION takes place at Disneyland Paris starting January 11, 2020.

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