Some of the best parts of San Diego Comic-Con have nothing to do with A-list celebrities, gigantic movie studio announcements, or big-budget activations in the Gas Lamp district. Instead, sometimes some of the most important lasting impressions can come from smaller panels with real ordinary people talking about what they love to do. That’s where panels like The State of the Industry: Animation Superstars can make the biggest difference with those in attendance.

IMG_2872For the 13th year in a row, ASIFA-Hollywood came to SDCC with some heavy hitters in animation to discuss the industry, where it’s headed, and how they broke into the industry. Hearing from real people talking about their own actual experiences can be so much more rewarding than the polished videos you might see released from a studio about the process.

In attendance this year was Brooke Keesling (Animation Guild, ASIFA–Hollywood VP and longtime animation recruiter for Cartoon Network and Disney) will lead a lively discussion with animation giants Dave Thomas (director and producer, Wander Over Yonder, Mickey Mouse shorts, Fairly Odd Parents, El Tigre), Jeanette Moreno King (storyboard artist and director, Alien News Desk, Disenchantment, Futurama), Hannah Nance Parlow (color designer, Tig ‘N’ Seek, Harley Quinn, Mike Tyson Mysteries), David Shair (storyboard artist and writer: Looney Tunes Cartoons, Wander Over Yonder, Fish Hooks), and Matt Braily (editor and writer, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Loud House, Owl House).



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