As they move towards their one year anniversary, Evermore park returned once again to San Diego Comic-Con with the goal of informing the targeted audience of geeks about a land of faeries, dwarves, and magic.

Josh Shipley (CCO, Evermore Park, former Walt Disney Imagineer) moderated the discussion along with back-of-house superstars Logan Long (creative studio director, Evermore Park; Face Off multiple season contestant), Dave Powell (armor and weapons fabrication lead), and Brooke Wilkins (senior costuming supervisor) who were joined by actors Lee Liston and Matt Mattson who portray popular characters in the park.

As before, Evermore continues to distinguish itself not as a competitor to local amusements or theme parks like Disneyland but instead as a wholly different type of thing. A “living experience theme park.” Incorporating authentic European historical architecture, professional prop building, full body character costuming, and puppetry, Evermore Park is the living embodiment of a fantasy themed immersive world that utilizes the talents of its actors and the imagination of park guests in unprecedented scale of interactive role-play.


Not unlike the concept of HBO’s Westworld in which there are no lapbelts and safety spiels or boat rides and roller coasters, the park relies on a different sort of attraction. As Wilkins put it during the panel, the actors ARE the rides. What you’ll find at Evermore is an opportunity to get lost in a magical world of your own imagination’s creation. Finding talent in the park seems not entirely difficult thanks in part to a seemingly very strong local theater community. At any one time the park may host up to 50-60 different actors at once, many in unique roles that are not duplicated which makes for unique and varied experiences on every visit.

The park operations are seasonal, operating select days per week and under limited sets of hours, typically in the evening. Set in Pleasant Grove, Utah with mountains as its backdrop, the place promises as much or little interaction that you care to enjoy. Embark on quests the whole night long or relax fireside with an impromptu musical performance by the park’s actors and entertainers. In fact, not unlike the nature of the park itself, the proceedings were interrupted with Liston doing an impromptu performance atop the panel table to conclude the session.

See it for Yourself

If you’re interested in making the trek, Evermore park just confirmed a September 6, 2019 opening for their LORE season which brings with it special entertainment and haunts.

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