-2019-07-24 12_10_14Continuing the INFINITY WAR AND ENDGAME discussion in San Diego Comic-Con Hall H was the highly anticipated discussion with the Russo Brothers: Joe and Anthony. The “intimate” conversation took place before an audience of more than 6,000 people.

Collider’s Editor-in-Chief Steven Weintraub was the moderator for this sit down discussion mostly about their Marvel success but also chatter about past and upcoming projects.

Here are some highlights from the hour-long discussion:

  1. The brothers are obsessed with Marvel’s SECRET WARS and Weintraub laid good effort on trying to get them to spill any details. Anthony continued to tease saying there is always a chance to come back to Marvel and maybe that would be to direct SECRET WARS.
  2. When asked when their last fight was, Joe joked it was over what to eat for lunch, but both said they did argue on how long Captain America’s hair should be. Anthony also joked that their entire career has be one lone argument.
  3. The brothers said that Mark Ruffalo ruined the most takes, but Scarlett Johansson nailed it on the first.
  4. When it came time for a fan question, it turned out to be a pre-recorded one from none other than Mark Ruffalo asking now that he is smart Hulk if that makes him the strongest and smartest Avenger? Anthony said according to his daughter, Shuri is the smartest.
  5. Chris Evans was the next fan question, asking what Captain America did after he danced with Peggy? Anthony responded with maybe they tried to make a baby? Evan’s also asked which was the most and least stressful film to shoot. They said INFINITY WAR was the most and CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER was the least.
  6. Chris Hemsworth asked who was a better leader for the group for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY — now known, by his estimation, as the Asguardians of the Galaxy. He then proceeded to answer his own question, saying “Yes, I know it’s me, thank you.”
  7. Paul Rudd asked to rank all the Chris’s butts. Hall H agrees that Chris Evan’s really does have the best butt.
  8. Next up for the Russo brothers is CHERRY staring Tom Holland. Much darker picture, dealing with drug abuse.
  9. Hall H got to see the new trailer for 21 BRIDGES with Chadwick Boseman.

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-2019-07-24 12_10_14