cinderella anniversary edition walt disney signature bluray boxshotBy this point, it’s hard to believe that any fan who wants to own a home release of CINDERELLA doesn’t already have it so it becomes incumbent on Disney to figure out new ways to package their film and make it an appealing option to re-invest in the upgrade. Surprisingly, Disney has done that with the CINDERELLA Walt Disney Signature Collection release with just a few minor changes.

First and foremost, if you already own a special edition release of the 1950 animated classic you’ve probably already seen all the bonus features that came with it. What Disney has done here has repackaged all of those classic features along with features from other releases you might not have purchased and bundled all together. That makes this the penultimate version on its own merits.

New Materials

But if you want something NEW then Disney has got you covered with the awesome In Walt’s Words: Enhanced Edition. In essence, this is an enhanced version of the entire movie. Think of it like the audio commentary you’ve seen on a special release before and then multiply that by 10.

The “In Walt’s Words” series basically takes you through the movie and uses actual transcripts, audio recordings, photos, renderings, concept art, and more to craft a narrative of Walt and his talented assembled crew creating everything we’ll come to see on the screen. When actual audio isn’t available, it’s recreated (basically in all instances here) to bring to life the words of not just Walt Disney but other luminaries involved with the project including Mary BlairWard Kimball, Wilfred JacksonJoe Rinaldi, Hamilton Luske, Larry Lansburgh, Homer Brightman, Ken Anderson, Ken Peterson, Winston Hibler, Ted Sears, Bill Peed, Dick Huemer, Erdman PennerBen Sharpsteen, Norm FergusonOliver Wallace, and others.

This feature alone honestly makes the whole release worth the purchase. The careful interweaving of the drawings, photos, and other media is phenomenal, it’s really the best way to get a behind-the-scenes look into this movie. After watching it you’ll feel as if you were in the initial story rooms crafting the story. It’s honestly a phenomenal addition to the release.

The only other new feature is a surprisingly watchable one featuring Disney Channel starlets. A mandatory requirement to drive interest with the younger crowd set, this featurette features Ruth Righi and Ava Kolker from Disney Channel’s “Sydney to the Max” in a fun featurette that actually has a few fun facts that even seasoned veterans might not necessarily have known about CINDERELLLA. It’s a great new addition to round out the classic extras.

Cinderella 1

Classic Materials

Here’s just a taste of some of the classic materials that you’ll gain access to with this purchase.

  • Diane Disney Miller “Cinderella” Film Intro, The Real Fairy GodmotherBehind the Magic: A New Disney Princess Fairyland, and The Magic of the Glass Slipper plus THE ART OF CINDERELLA celebrated with features including Concept Art, Character Model SheetsStory SketchesLive-Action Reference, Pencil AnimationBehind-the-Scenes Stills, and Feature Stills.
    • “Cinderella” Title Song
    • “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes”
    • “Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale”
    • “The Work Song”
    • “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”
    • “So This Is Love”

See it for Yourself

CINDERELLA Walt Disney Signature Collection release is available now Digitally in HD and Movies Anywhere and on physical release Blu-ray™ and DVD.

cinderella anniversary edition walt disney signature bluray boxshot