After a short few months under refurbishment, Sleeping Beauty Castle reopened at Disneyland on Friday with a refreshed paint-job, new roofs, and overall fresher look to guarantee a sharp beautiful backdrop for grams, snaps, and Christmas family photos for years to come. Although we got a decent first look at the castle last week, we now get to walk not just through but also inside of the iconic Disneyland centerpiece.

The initiative to update the castle came as part of Project Stardust, intended to enhance the park in anticipation of the crowds set to descend on the Happiest Place on Earth for the new Star Wars; Galaxy’s Edge expansion, set to open officially next Friday.

Enjoy now as we take a closer look at the new Sleeping Beauty Castle!

The Front


The crisp new paint job features multiple shades of pinks and lavenders, deeper blues, and a cooler palate for its stonework.


Vibrant new banners line the entrance bridge over the castle moat.

20190524_081048 (6) 20190524_081048 (9)

Gold details throughout give a pop to the castle’s various textures and details.


Even the castle in the Disneyland app is sporting the new colors.

The Back


20190524_081048 (12)

Ever a dramatic entry point into a world of Fantasy!

20190524_081048 (16) 20190524_081048 (14)

More gold details brought to life through the new paint scheme.

20190524_081925 20190524_081933

Some of the facades immediately next to the castle were also given a refresh.

The Walk-Through Attraction

Many people don’t realize you can actually walk INSIDE of the castle and see a storybook-style telling of Sleeping Beauty via beautiful animated dioramas.


For guests unable to navigate the stairs inside the castle, an alternate experience is setup for guests to see a virtual walk-through that exactly replicates the entire experience.

20190524_082004 20190524_082054


A television setup inside brings the attraction to life for guests who cannot navigate the stairs inside the castle.

20190524_082107 20190524_082137

More to Explore

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20190524_082239 20190524_082258


20190524_083159 20190524_085049




Snow White’s Wishing Well remains unchanged.