It’s finally here. After several months of construction, the new Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes has opened its doors at Downtown Disney in Anaheim. The location brings with it a signature collection of CrazyShake dessert beverages, a tantalizing assortment of craft burgers, and even wine, beer, and cocktails.

We tried the restaurant out this weekend, join us…

What’s Inside

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Ready to eat? Let’s step inside…

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The location is quasi table service. You enter the restaurant and place your order. You’re given a tracker to place on your table and then your food is brought out to you. Staff in the restaurant are happy to bring you silverware, drink refills, or assist you with additional orders (like one of their CrazyShake concoctions)

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The CrazyShake location is behind glass so you can see how they hand craft the sugary delights.

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If you prefer delights that are decidedly less sugary and a bit more spirited then they’ve also got you covered with a selection of beer on tap and in can. There’s also a selection of wine and even cocktails.

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Pick your poison.

The Food

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Let’s start at dessert. Those CrazyShake concoctions are sure to bring a smile.

This beauty here is the Churro Choco Taco Shake which features both of its namesake desserts crammed into a mountain of whip cream that sits atop a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake in a glass that’s lined with vanilla and then sprinkled with cereal pieces and vanilla. The shake itself has even more cereal pieces mixed throughout.

DIET ALERT! For those wondering, ALL SHAKES can be with VEGAN, DIARY-FREE ICE CREAM and lactose-free whipped cream.


20190505_161710 20190505_161832

Crispy Brussle Sprouts with a sesame-tahini sauce. WOW, are these good. Delightfully crispy with centers are that still have some bite. Definitely a must-try.

20190505_162441 20190505_162445

Teriyaki Broccoli. What an explosion of flavor. Another solid choice with strong presence of garlic plus ginger, sesame, and scalliion. Enjoy as a side on its own or substitute them for your fries in your meal for a small upcharge.


20190505_162344 20190505_162825

Pizza Burger is actually much more pleasing than it might sound on first glance. It features their house prime burger topped with marinara and their appetizer fried mozarella then the whole thing is covered in shaved Parmesan. Imagine a delicious chicken Parmesan with a perfect balance of sauce and cheese but replace the chicken with a tender juicy burger patty. It’s surprisingly wonderful. It’s shown here with an upgraded side of onion rings instead of fries.

20190505_162436 20190505_162505

Turkey Burger. WOW, was this a surprise. The patty was flavorful and juicy and honestly almost felt like we were eating a beef burger. It’s complemented by a fantastic truffle mayo and topped with smashed avocado and swiss cheese. To our way of thinking, this was missing sauteed onions so we added those on top and man-oh-man was this a winning combination. At no point did we ever think we’d be impressed by a turkey burger but that’s the magic the Black Tap has imbured here. It’s shown here with an upgraded side of Teriyaki Broccoli.

Black Tap Anaheim Full Menu

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Here’s the full menu Black Tap Anaheim in Downtown Disney.

More to Explore


The dining area is decidedly hip and modern. It’s comfy but definitely oriented to encourage a quick and constant flow of people.

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Colorful artwork can be found throughout.

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A covered dining patio was added to the location to expand seating options.

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When you order, you’re given a little puck that you’re asked to place on the table so that servers know exactly where to bring your food.

Walk-Up Window

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If you just want a sugar rush and don’t have a lot of time you can opt for the to-go walk-up window located at the western end of the spot facing Tortilla Joe’s.

See it for Yourself

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes is now open at Downtown Disney in Anaheim.