BIG BANG THEORY is finally ending its journey this year and a collection of writers for the show gathered at WonderCon possibly for the last time to talk about the upcoming season and its finale.

Moderated by Will Wheaton, and panel featured writers Steve Holland, Steven Molaro, Bill Prady, Dave Goetsch, Eric Kaplan, Maria Ferrari, Tara Hernandez, Jeremy Howe, and Adam Faberman. The writers have a long tradition of sharing insider tidbits with fans at various cons so it was especially touching for them to talk about the end of the show.

A few tidbits we learned as the show moves towards its series finale is that we will in fact NOT ever learn Penny’s maiden name. It became a strange superstition for them to create one and they intend to just never give the character an official last name. We also randomly learned that Steven Molara helped with the STAR TOURS: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE attraction, writing the dialogue between droids in the queue pre-show. There was also a touching sentiment that we shared on Twitter below with Bill Prady talking about the iconic elevator from the show.


Will Wheaton is an occasional star on the show and a full-time fan. Clearly passionate he lead a great conversation with the group and it left on a very sentimental note with tears definitely present.

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BIG BANG THEORY will air its 1-hour series finale on May 16, 2019.

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