Elena_Realm_of_the_Jaquins_DVDSince it’s debut in July 2016, Elena of Avalor has captured the hearts of the viewers on Disney Channel or at the very least the hearts in my house! Now, with the release of ELENA OF AVALOR: REALM OF THE JAQUINS, we are furthered entranced into the secretive realm Vallestrella.

This DVD contains 3 full-length episodes and 10 BONUS SHORTS that dive into the enchanting realms of Alavor and Vallestrella. The full-length episodes are packed full of the charismatic and adventure-loving jaquins that protect Avalor. While the first five bonus shorts follow Elena and Isabel as they explore the creatures of Vallestrella. The final 5 bonus shorts focusing on Elena learning to use the scepter of light with her spirit guide Zuzo.

In the initial episodes of Elena of Avalor viewers were only exposed to Migs, Luna and Skylar the trio of guardians that protect Elena and those around her. Now we get a chance to plunge into the enchantingly colorful world of Vallestrella where the stubborn and proud King Verago rules. Skylar, the fun-loving comedian of the trio is chosen to be the navagera and is tasked with guiding the next class of guardians (Nico, Ciela and Avion). He also happens to be King Verago’s son, and Nico’s brother, which adds an interesting dynamic to the mix.

We also get to be part of the exciting journey that Migs and Dulce go through as they become parents to Mingo, Zoom and Estrella. The triplets bring their own boundless energy to the show and are fiercely loyal to Elena. To add even more excitement to the character list, we are introduced to Quito Moz, a serpent oracle with an excellent sense of humor and laid-back attitude.

It includes 3 full length episodes:

  • Realm Of The Jaquins Parts 1 & 2
  • Three Jaquins And A Princess
  • Shapshifters


Adventures in Vallestrella:

  • Flight of the Butterfrog
  • Sleeping Sunbird
  • Fast Food
  • Peabunny Boogie
  • Human Nature

Scepter Training With Zuzo

  • The Heist
  • Royal Treasury Escape Room
  • Nothing But Blaze
  • Stowaway
  • Don’t Be Our Guest

My five-year-old’s opinion of the DVD is that “Elena is very brave and it is so cool that she gets to turn into a jaquin”.