We first revealed video of the Lamplight Lounge secret room last week but we had the chance to check the room out ourselves in person and it’s a pretty unique experience. Our server walked us into the special secret room — which she was calling “the office” — on the lower level of the Lamplight Lounge for a look.

A vault door full of bric-a-brac lights up, whizzes and whirs as the Cast Member turns the crank. Once the red light turns green, entrance is granted to the small room that features a max capacity of 13 (you’ll probably want no more than half of that for the small space) with a small sitting area and a dining table. On the walls are retro board games and sketches of various Pixar notables sketched by Pixar notables themselves!

The best part is the room is completely bookable by anyone. Of course, that’s assuming the space is available!

The Door

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.A lovely sitting area with some classic games on the wall.


The main dining area.


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The Deck



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But Wait, There’s More

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See it for Yourself

Pixar Pier opens officially at Disney California Adventure park on June 23, 2018.

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