Lamplight Lounge is one of the true highlights of the newly opened Pixar Pier revamp with fun new spaces and items to try. We’ve already shared with you the exciting and whimsical menu and also taken you inside the new secret room that are some of the most notable highlights of the new space but now we invite you to join us for a tour inside the restaurant for a closer look at a bunch of the details!

The restaurant celebrates the creativity and personalities of the artists and storytellers who have brought Pixar films to life with clever tributes including concept art, a quick sketch on a coaster, memorabilia, and collectible toys of Pixar characters.

The California casual gastro-pub cuisine crafted for the new location is playfully presented, complemented by unique signature cocktails and exciting new menu items. Here’s a taste of what you can expect. ENJOY!

The Menu


Here’s a look at some of our favorite things on the new menu:

20180621_200258 20180621_184856 20180621_190231 20180621_192321 20180621_192451 20180621_192812
20180621_183119 20180621_183150

Drink coasters are definitely collectible!

Hungry for More?

Check out our exhaustive recap of the complete menu here: MENU TASTING: A full look at the expansive new Lamplight Lounge food and drink menu!

The Entrance

Ready to go in? The new lobby features artwork, sketches, and quotes on the walls plus a fancy new chandelier made of sketches!



20180621_205657 20180621_180358
20180621_205809 20180621_205609


The Host/Hostess stand looks like a bunch of stacked bric-a-brac.

20180621_205801 20180621_205740


20180621_205613 20180621_205619 20180621_205632 20180621_205626 20180621_205638 20180621_205712 20180621_205707 20180621_205717 20180621_205722 20180621_205732
20180621_205815 20180621_205826


Upstairs Lounge

The former Cove Bar space is now part of Lamplight Lounge and it’s referred to as “Upstairs”. Why the distinction? Because while the full drink menu is available throughout the Lamplight Lounge, only the “Bite” menu offerings are available. The “Big Bite” menu items are only available in the seated dining area “Downstairs.”


20180621_180605 20180621_180625 20180621_180441
20180621_180424 20180621_180451 20180621_180521 20180621_180515 20180621_180525
20180621_180648 20180621_180644

The Stairs

The stairs themselves are not entirely remarkable but they link the Upstairs and Downstairs lounges and feature some artwork, as well. The framed artwork are the designs featured on the crew t-shirts for the various Pixar projects over the years.


20180621_205151 20180621_205003 20180621_205113 20180621_205011 20180621_205015 20180621_204941


Kitchen doors cleverly marked INSIDE and OUT.


Ball wall selfies!


20180621_205033 20180621_205049 20180621_204957 20180621_205102 20180621_205038 20180621_205044

Downtstairs Lounge

This space is comprised of a few different special areas.

The Booth

This booth features a bunch of toys and also has the distinction of sharing the other side of the Pixar Ball wall.


20180621_204238 20180621_204232
20180621_204202 20180621_204226 20180621_204218 20180621_204256 20180621_204250 20180621_204316 20180621_204322 20180621_204339

The Bar

A gigantic wrap-around bar is featured Downtstairs, it separates the inside and covered outside portion of this lower level.


20180621_204128 20180621_204545

The inside seats are plush faux leather where as the outside seats are decidedly more weather-friendly.

20180621_204146 20180621_204153 20180621_204541

Inside Seating


20180621_204528 20180621_204830 20180621_204834

Wall Decor

20180621_204631 20180621_204638 20180621_204644 20180621_204650

Detail Closer Look

20180621_204606 20180621_204622 20180621_204705 20180621_204721 20180621_204713 20180621_204733 20180621_204811 20180621_204752
20180621_204824 20180621_204744

Outside Seating


20180621_204512 20180621_204019 20180621_204031 20180621_203901 20180621_191833 20180621_203855


20180621_203933 20180621_204047

Please do not feed the birds. MINE!


Secret Room

We have a full posting about this secret room which you can explore more in depth. You can find that here: STEP INSIDE: There’s a secret “office” at the Lamplight Lounge in #PixarPier


The space features a small dining area, seating area, and its own private deck with views out onto Paradise Bay!

20180621_203145 20180621_203303


20180621_203210 20180621_203216 20180621_203319

See it for Yourself

Pixar Pier is officially open at Disney California Adventure park.

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