Are you Redd-y? Hardy Har har. If you’ll pardon the pun we’re happy to announce that the famous Redhead from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland will be debuting officially on June 8 both IN the attraction (which is scheduled to return from its refurbishment) and IN PERSON as a walk-around character in New Orleans Square.

The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN attraction is currently closed to refurbish the experience and update a scene to address more modern sensibilities. The Auction scene in which pirates were formerly in attendance to “buy a wench” is being altered to remove the buy-a-bride concept and instead is making it a loot grab. The modified version of the scene has already opened at the attraction in Orlando.

Disney recently released an interview with the brassy bucaneeer which you can find recapped below:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well, if I needed friends, they’d call me Redd. Pirates call me ‘Rrr’ for short. I been ‘round the world, but the sea is always home.


Do you know Captain Jack Sparrow?
That Sparrow owes me a new ship. Wouldn’t be surprised if he found himself in irons once more. If you see Mister Sparrow, I’m lookin’ for ‘em!


Some pirates think it’s bad luck to have a woman aboard a pirate ship. What do you think?
T’is far worse luck not to.


What is treasure to you?
Coin o’course! I accept it all—Spanish doubloons, English farthings, French livre, Dutch lion dollars and Portuguese moidore.


Are you looking forward to meeting guests in New Orleans Square?
I s’pose. I be searching for brave sorts of recruits for a few little ventures.


Are you anyone’s bride? 
M’ only love is profits, dear.