Disneyland Paris recently launched their MagicPass system which aims to essentially mimic the “Key to the World” systems in place at Disney Parks in the United States. MagicPass is a multifunction and contactless card for Disneyland Paris guests that allows the dematerialization of many services offered to customers of Disney Hotels.

For now the service aggregates hotel room key, hotel room incidentals, park tickets, and meal plans making for one single easy-to-use card that covers a large majority of the needs a guest has while on property. The system essentially mimics the features of MyMagic+ but without requiring the cumbersome use of a Magic Band. It seems likely that the service will eventually be expanded to include more common features in the US such as FastPass.

Magic Pass is currently being rolled out at to all of the Disneyland Paris hotels (Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and Disneyland Hotel are now equipped), and this process will end by this summer.