Toms X Disney. A winning combination. And honestly, we’re probably a little TOO excited.

A brand-new 30-piece capsule collection is being released this year that will include women’s and kid’s shoes and eyeware. It will be released in waves and feature a bunch of Disney styles but the ones that are really catching our eyes are those with Disney Princesses.

Amazingly gorgeous renderings of the characters — sourced from the Walt Disney Archives — are used to create these fashionable geeked out kicks. The prices will range from $65 to $75 for women’s and $49 to $59 for children’s. The eyewear is expected to range between $170 and $190.

The princess designs will be released in phases this summer:

  • June 21: Cinderella styles
  • July 19: Sleeping Beauty styles
  • August 23: Snow White styles

But wait, there’s more! There will also be a special six-piece holiday capsule collection, which will be revealed later this year.