For the first official day of summer, we hopped into Disney California Adventure in the afternoon to check out some of the new offerings including the new ANT-MAN 3D preview and the INSIDE OUT Pre-Parade ahead of the Pixar Play Parade. It’s a quick one today and we also take a look at some more Disneyland 60th merchandise, taste one of the new INSIDE OUT hot-dogs, and hop on the Haunted Mansion… because why not?

It was a somewhat light day considering it was also Father’s Day and crowds didn’t really pickup until later in the evening when all the new nighttime entertainment started kicking off. Enjoy!

Not a lot of people heading into the parks in the afternoon.

Crowds at Disneyland were also pretty light.

Ant-Man 3D Preview

The Ant-Man 3D Exclusive Movie Sneak Peek opened at the Bug’s Life Theatre this past weekend. Check out our full report here. ANT-MAN opens in theaters July 17, 2015… that’s Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary!

Ant-Man in the sign.

The regular decor featuring the punny movie posters has been removed for the preview. The same was done when the Maleficent preview took up residence here last year.

Enjoy a close-up look at the costume! Check out our Ant-Man preview first look. See more of the Ant-Man suit here.

The theatre’s natural appearance works quite well for the preview.


If you haven’t seen Disney-Pixar’s INSIDE OUT yet, you’re amongst the few! The film opened this weekend breaking box office records and to celebrate, a new pre-parade for the film has debuted featuring animatronic versions of the characters that move and talk as the parade moves down the route. Inexplicably, an unusually large number of dancers lead and follow the float down the route.

The lead float now features a nod to the #Disneyland60 anniversary.

INSIDE OUT bites and sips

At Award Wieners, you can get your hands on some bites and sips related to the film.

Jubilent JOY Dog features sweet Italian Sausage surrounded by bell peppers, lettuce and chedar cheese that is topped with honey mustard, relish, chopped bacon, crispy onions all served on a hoagie roll. Hungry? It’s $8.19 served with chips or apple slices.

You can see the Spicy Fear-less Lemonade behind the Joy dog. The purple drink features Pear, Chipotle, and Pineapple flavors with Ginger Ale and Minute Maid Light Lemonade. $3.59.

You can get an INSIDE OUT tumbler for $8.19. Or perhaps a #Disneyland60 sipper is more your style. Both are sold with choice of drink!

Pet Parents Behold!

The Disney Tails line of pet merchandise has finally debuted at the Disneyland Resort. It’s a new line of pete products featuring Disney characters and influences.

#Disneyland60 Merchandise

More wallet-draining goodies paying homage to Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration.

Mickey on a giant diamond.


Subtle on the go.


Messenger bag.

#Disneyland60 Snacks

What’s your poison?

That seems excessive.

Actual size.

English Toffee! Nom nom nom.

More DCA

New Star Wars comics are available at Off the Page. Awesome!

Summer time and the weather is fine!

Finally got our hands on a Buena Vista Bugle for the #Disneyland60.

Goofy is killing it as a tree. Where did he go??

Hopping on the Red Card. #DingDing!

Carthay Circle was glinting right in my eye.

Fancy a rest-stop?

Moscow Mule.

Carthay has a few #Disneyland60 decor pieces.

Cigarette is not Photoshopped out of his hand in this one!

Over at the Disneyland Hotel, a cake has been baked to celebrate the #Disneyland60 Diamond Celebration, in the shape of Sleeping Beauty Castle!  There are 18 pounds of marshmallows, 54 pounds of rice cereal, 30 pounds of white chocolate, 40 pounds of gum paste, 15 pounds of fondant and 6 hidden Mickeys.

Inside Out Mural

Artist Dallas Clayton created a fun mural on display in Downtown Disney in collaboration with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. It invites guests to #SpreadJoy. It should be on display through the next few weeks.


More T Party

A decor piece added to the former stage to prevent people from standing on it.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum had a home movie with them in a magical teacup that transported them back in time. Old clips of Disneyland were used to transport the wacky duo back in time.

Enchanting Disneyland

Looks like they finally got the enchanted version of Cinderella working on the garden scene for this Enchanted Window.

The scene is much lovelier at night even though that center curtain is still not working to separate the two scenes.

The Peter Pan enchanted Window was stuck in the nursery. The kid’s were moving now and Peter was waving his arm.

Paint the night, Tink!


Showcase is getting blingy with it.

The Jungle VIP!

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion was experiencing some high levels of playful spooks interrupting tours of the Mansion so we had a few minute to hang around inside the gallery.

Stand under this sconce and look up…

You might spot a familiar silhouette.