Some new signage popped up at the Mickey and Friends parking structure to help give some life to the rather drab experience of arriving at the Disneyland Resort. Part of the new signage package includes concept art explaining what all the construction is leading towards.

While it does give some ideas as to what we can expect once the 6,500 space structure opens, it also continues to pose several more questions.

You can see below a side by side of concept art with a photo we took that’s about as close to the same angle as you can get….

Seeing the two images side by side we can see a few interesting things.

  • APPEARANCE: The new structure will match similar white and grey aesthetics of the existing Mickey and Friends structure.
  • TRAM ROUTE: This appears to have little change. In the foreground of the concept art and to the far left of the photograph, you can see Disneyland Drive (heading towards Downtown Disney and the Hotels)
  • ESCALATORS: The escalators of the new structure (left) will mirror the existing escalators (right) leading guests to a new tree-lined series of walkways.
  • SECURITY: It’s unclear exactly where security screening would be taking place. It seems like the rows of tree-lined walkways are leading guests back into the first level of the structure. Perhaps security screening will remain under cover of the structure itself? Does that make the existing row of trams in the concept art unload-only stations? Or…
  • ESCALATOR TERRACE: The escalators of the new structure seem to to have large round terraces. Could security be moving to occur BEFORE you even get onto an escalator?
  • ESCALATOR SHADE COVERING: Not much of remarkable note here that the shade structure on the new escalators is a terraced approach
  • WHAT OTHER FRIENDS: This will likely not be something we learn until later but a less pressing matter is which other of Mickeys friends will be joining the line-up of characters for this new mega parking area?

It’s all set to be opening by 2019. Can Disney get it ready ahead of the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?