LADY AND THE TRAMP is an endearing Disney classic and it returns to the home market once more with the new Walt Disney Signature Collection. The film is one of the first releases on the newly named “Multi-Screen Edition” (which encompasses the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital bundle).

This newest release comes with a WHOLE BUNCH of extras but only if you spring for the Multi-Screen Edition. If you opt for the Digital-Only release, you’ll find yourself with only the “Classic” bonus features which is basically a re-bundling of all the previously released Bonus Materials from other releases of the film over the years.

So in an increasingly digital-first, digital-only world, that means the only reason to spring for the physical copy of the film vs. just buying digital is to get your hands on all the new extras. So are they worth it?

Here’s a look at the new goodies offered for Lady and the Tramp, Walt Disney Signature Collection that we had the chance to take a look at with the Blu-ray provided to us by Disney.

Bonus Features

A seemingly popular feature for Disney releases of late is various versions of the film. Sure, we’ve seen these movies dozens of times so this new feature aims to vary that experience a little. For LADY AND THE TRAMP we have the Classic Theatrical Version we all know and love. This is in addition to two other options including the aptly named Sing-Along Version — which includes song lyrics on the screen over the musical numbers — and the more geeky Inside Walt’s Story Meetings version which includes reenactments of Walt Disney’s story sessions with animators brought to life by an impersonator.

The third version of the film is a really fun one to take in. In essence, this works like a director’s commentary track which at used to be a ubiquitous offering for any self-respecting DVD release. The excerpts used throughout the screening help continue to give a more human foundation to the person who has become mostly legend to a lot of fans. Tangible associations like this, even via re-creation really help encapsulate Walt, the man.

Beyond new ways to take in the movie we know in love, there’s three new Bonus Features created for this release which round out the bulk of the new goodies to tempt your wallet.

  • Walt & His Dogs is another one of those really great “meet Walt” features that shows some more of the private life of Walt Disney. The montage includes archival recordings and photos recounting tales of the dogs Walt Disney owned and loved over his lifetime based on interivews from 1956. An adorable Cocker-spaniel takes us around the Walt Disney Family Museum to learn about Walt’s four-legged pals including a Maltese Terrier from his childhood, a German Shepherd from his time during the war efforts, and a non-shedding Chow in his marriage to appease his wife Lilian who didn’t want dog hair all over the place. There’s tons of great pictures here of Walt that we’d never seen before of him with dogs. Some really great stuff here!
  • Stories from Walt’s Office is not really a peek into anything new but this guided tour of Walt’s office suite at the Studio lot is a fun look at the space which was recently carefully re-created to look just as it did when Walt occupied. Disney archivist Becky Cline introduces us to the backstory and then we get a more detailed look at pieces within through the 6-minute featurette.
  • How to Make a Meatball and Other Fun Facts About “Lady and The Tramp” is a new feature that is definitely aimed at the younger set. The title is pretty self explanatory, we get a step-by-step to make perfect meatballs with teen chef Amber Kelley and Oh My Disney Show Host Alexys Gabrielle. It’s intersperced with fun facts about “Lady and the Tramp” that surprisingly make this a fun watch. And in case you’re wonder, YES the recipe is Disney Check complaint!

Other features for this release including individual videos of the fim’s Songs (“Peace on Earth”, “What Is a Baby/La La Lu”, “The Siamese Cat Song”, “Bella Notte”, “He’s a Tramp”), two great previously released extras (Diane Disney Miller: Remembering Dad and Never-Recorded Song – “I’m Free as the Breeze”), and a selection of Deleted Scenes.

What else?

 Then there’s all the classic bonus materials that have been released over the years that are available digitally. To learn more about those, you can check out our complete Lady and the Tramp Bonus Feature recap here.

See it for Yourself

LADY AND THE TRAMP on Walt Disney Signature Collection release is available now.