With SeaWorld’s all-new Inside Look, every guest will have the chance to go behind the scenes to see what the vets see, go where the rescuers go and learn for themselves how San Diego’s premier marine-life park cares for thousands of animals every day and rescues hundreds of stranded animals every year.  SeaWorld Inside Look, which is open to any park visitor and is included with park admission, kicks off Jan. 13 and continues weekends through Jan. 28.

What SeaWorld Inside Look is all about:

SeaWorld has been inspiring millions of guests to love animals for more than 50 years, and is committed to making a difference for wildlife across the globe. Through Inside Look, guests will gain insight into that legacy of animal conservation. Plus, every visit to a SeaWorld park helps support its animal rescue program. Seeing animals at SeaWorld supports saving them in the wild.

This new experience is an opportunity for park visitors to go beyond the shows, rides and attractions and get an inside look at how SeaWorld San Diego cares for animals. This unparalleled offering features opportunities to meet staff, see animals up close and gain fascinating knowledge, such as how SeaWorld feeds 16,000 animals a day and how a veterinarian gets a blood sample from a dolphin. Visitors can also ask questions, take photos and, most importantly, learn what they can do in their everyday lives to help animals in the wild.

How it works:

As guests arrive at SeaWorld, they will receive an Inside Look Explorer’s Guide, highlighting 11 different areas focused on rescue, care, conservation and research, such as Dolphin Care & Behavior, Orca Care & Research and Bird Rescue & Water Systems.  Three locations are behind the scenes where visitors will be granted special access and eight locations are in amphitheaters or other open spaces where visitors will meet an expert. In the Animal Health & Rescue Center, visitors may witness the actual intake of a rescued animal. At eight locations, guests can get their Explorer’s Guide stamped; if they collect all eight stamps, they can pick up a SeaWorld Expert Explorer Pin. Visitors are encouraged to share photos using #parktoplanet.

All of Inside Look experiences are included with park admission. Explorers wanting more information should visit the park’s website for an overview and then check out the detailed schedule on the park map when they arrive.

Special Access Behind-the-Scenes locations:

  • Animal Health & Rescue Center
  • Learn how SeaWorld’s hospital, laboratory and rescue center operate
  • Learn how SeaWorld veterinarians X-ray birds or get blood samples from dolphins
  • Bird Rescue & Water Systems
  • Learn how the park’s Oiled Wildlife Care Center and Bird Rescue Center operate
  • Learn how SeaWorld maintains more than 13 million gallons of water
  • Explorer’s Reef Life Support System
  • Learn how SeaWorld aquarists main water quality and top-notch care for the sharks, crabs and fish in four saltwater and freshwater pools

Meet-the-Expert locations:

  • Orca Care & Research
  • Learn about the importance of orca enrichment and play
  • Find out how SeaWorld research is helping whales in the wild
  • Sea Otter Care & Conservation
  • Learn about how the otter surrogacy program works
  • Find out what types of enrichment are provided to the sea otters
  • Flamingo Care
  • Learn how flamingos get their color
  • Find out why flamingos stand on one leg
  • Sea Lion and Otter Care & Behavior
  • Learn how trainers use positive reinforcement
  • Learn about techniques for shaping behavior
  • Shark Feeding & Conservation (Meet the Expert)
  • Find out what shark finning is and how is it affecting wild shark populations
  • Learn how SeaWorld aquarists safely feed and care for sharks
  • Dolphin Care & Behavior (Meet the Expert)
  • Learn about HELPRS (Husbandry, Exercise, Learning, Play, Relationship, Shows)
  • Walrus Care & Conservation (Meet the Expert)
  • Find out how reduction of the ice shelf affects walruses
  • Learn what you can do to help protect Arctic animals
  • Penguin Care & Research (Meet the Expert)
  • Learn what it takes to create an Antarctic environment for hundreds of penguins
  • Hear about SeaWorld’s expertise in penguin husbandry, breeding and diets

For more information visit SeaWorldSanDiego.com.