In celebration of the upcoming dazzle-fest, A WRINKLE IN TIME, Disney is partnering with Nissan to launch a contest to search for a new visionary filmmaker. The winner will receive $100,000 to create their own film. To sweeten the deal they’ll also meet with director Ava DuVernay, win a trip to Hollywood for the premiere of A WRINKLE IN TIME and… apparently inspired by Oprah being in the movie… the winner will also receive A NEW CAR!

The contest seeks to inspire innovative directors – especially female filmmakers – to step up and share their voice. Aspiring directors ages 18 and up must submit a 2-minute video showcasing their journey as a filmmaker. Submissions will be judged on their unique storytelling voice, their creativity and originality and their depiction of one of the most powerful lines of dialogue in the film, “Be a Warrior.”

DuVernay wrote, produced and directed her first narrative feature “I Will Follow” in 2010 on a budget of $50,000. What makes this filmmaking challenge unique is that the winner will receive the financial resources to make their own film, which is one of the biggest hurdles facing aspiring filmmakers.

Official contest rules are available at:

A WRINKLE IN TIME opens in theaters March, 9, 2018.