The villain Kids are back in a high-stakes adventure that’s bigger, bolder and badder than before.  Is this DVD worth picking up or should you Netflix and start chillin’ like a villain?

To catch you up on what is happening in Auradon; Mal and King Ben are as in love as ever. However, Mal is beginning to feel the pressure that the media (and all of the kingdom) is putting on her to be someone that she is not.  Evie is being Miss Fashonista (as always) and is designing gowns for the upcoming Cotillion. Jay is now the captain of the fencing team (much to Chad Charming’s chagrine) and poor, sweet Carlos just wants to get the nerve up to ask Jane to the dance.

Pressure becomes too much for Mal and she decides to return to the Isle of the Lost. Hoping to bring her home; Ben, Evie, Carlos, Jay and Lonnie (Daughter of Mulan) set off to the Isle. They find that Mal’s archenemy — Uma (daughter of Ursula) — has seized control and wants to bring down Mal. Will she succeed? Will Mal find Happiness in Auradon or stay on the Isle? Will there be a happily ever after? I will leave all of those questions as fun surprises for you when you pick up the DVD.

So, WHY should you buy the DVD? First off, the DVD comes with an exclusive charm necklace and 5 charms – each representing one of the VK’s.  While many whozits and whatsits that you find in DVD packaging tend to be on the cheap side, these bobbles are made of metal and feel/look pretty sturdy.

  The DVD also has a great collection of bonus features.  My favorite has got to be the questions and answers with the cast called “Cast Secrets“.  Typically, these always seemed staged and the answers given – safe.  This time around, you see the casts TRUE personalities and their comradery with one another.

There is a short Blooper reel as well as an extended song and a deleted song.

Finally, if you aren’t caught up all of the Descendants: Wicked World shorts – now is your chance.  The DVD has the ultimate collection of all the animated shorts from Season One.

If you are like me and Disney original movies are sort of a … guilty pleasure … you will love Descendants 2.  Sure, there are some eye rolling moments as there are in all the originals.  It is – overall – a very enjoyable 90 minutes with some very catchy songs.  The bonus features are fun and you learn some things about the filming that you wouldn’t have known from watching on TV.

Let me know, in the comments below, what you think of Descendants 2 and be SURE to pick up the DVD when it comes out.