The Happy Helpers are on the way to save the day July 25th! The dynamic duo of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck add an energizing element to the tales of Hot Dog Hills. The DVD includes 7 thrilling tales of the Happy Helpers (Minnie and Daisy) as they enthusiastically run their temp agency.

 Their opinionated friend Cuckoo-Loca makes regular appearances as do many of the beloved friends in various roles (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Clarabelle and Pete). The DVD also comes with a magnetized Happy Helpers chart for kids to get excited about being a helper at home — Which was a huge hit with my kids!

Included episodes are:

  • Egg-Xasperating!
  • Happy Hula Helpers!
  • Tea Time Trouble!
  • Happy Birthday Helpers!
  • Bed, Breakfast And Bungled!
  • Gone Fishin’!
  • And A Bonus Episode: Teed Off!

Parents will love the enthusiasm the show teaches about always being willing to help anyone in need, and doing it with a smile. Additionally, the show introduces kids to various cultures and iconic landmarks around the world such as London and Hawaii.

Kids will love seeing their favorite characters in new adventures and the change of pace from Mickey And The Roadster Racers, which accompanies the show when it airs on TV. So grab your little helpers and enjoy watching Minnie and Daisy as they creatively conquer any task.  With the help of their Turn-Styler and the Happy Helpers Van they are always on the job to save the day!

Minnie’s Happy Helpers will be available on DVD July 25, 2017.