If there’s one thing that the CW’s THE 100 know how to do it’s leave season finale cliffhangers. At the return to San Diego Comic-Con once more this year, we got some insights of waht’s in store for season 5. Aside from a special video catchup and sneak-peek, we got some quality team with the cast and then a fun Q&A.

Panelists this year included Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Richard Harmon, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, and new series regular Tasya Teles. We were also joined by series creator Jason Rothenberg.

It should prove to be an interesting new season because more than six years have passed since Praimfaya ravaged the planet and killed most of the human race. As Clarke waits to hear from the group on the Ark or in the bunker, a new mystery prison ship drops from the sky. Rothenberg confirmed that the passengers are human and in fact that they’ve been in a cryo sleep for the past 100 or so years so they are returning to a planet which bares little resemblance to the one they left. This should provide so much rich fodder for parallels as now Clarke is an established “grounder” and these new people are the invaders of this personal Eden in which she’s been living with her “daughter” Madi.

As for the crew in space, Echo (Teles) is confirmed to be a series regular now and as to the relationships on board… it should prove completely unpredictable if the show’s past can be used as any indication. Harmon and Larkin joked that they might even be lovers… six years is a long time in space!

With the passage of time we can also expect the characters styles to have evolved. As we saw in the season finale, Clarke is rocking a badass new ‘do and we can expect similar changes from the others. Avgeropoulos confirmed that she’s been battling with stylists about a new look — specifically hairstyle — for Octavia that she’s not sure with which she is on board. She’s presumably been the leader in the bunker all this time so her character should have some meaty evolution to look forward towards in the upcoming season.

The 100 returns midseason with all-new episodes on The CW. The 100: The Complete Fourth Season is available now on Digital and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 18.

Tasya Teles is confirmed as a series regular (now that she’s been in space for 6 years, that probably qualifies her!)

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