It was a mostly uneventful weekend at the Disneyland Resort this weekend. The parks continue to run heavy in the “off season” as people continue to pack in following recent price hikes across the board on entrance media.

At Disneyland, we saw a construction update at the Star Wars themed land which is quickly going vertical all around the space and the Frontierland facing elements all rush towards an opening for this year. There was also more evidence of the upcoming launch of Disney’s MaxPass system that will introduce digital FastPass to the resort. We took a breather from the crowds and enjoyed some of the newly revamped Mint Julep offered in New Orleans Square.

At Disney California Adventure, we get more peeks at the continued transformation of the Tower of Terror into Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT as more and more thematic elements on the facade become visible.

Of course, we will have a merchandise run with a whole new crop of goodies to drain your wallet.

All of this and more in our latest pictorial update! ENJOY!


From far away, the Tower of Terror doesn’t look terribly different than it has for the past few weeks.

But when you start to look closer… you see something there that wasn’t there before…

Oh my word.

A closer look at the topper.

Decorative finials are also springing up on the roof.

It almost looks like they’re getting some help with the decorating from Queen Elsa next door?

And more metallic thingies.

With the sun shining through, we could start to see more details through the tarps…

Star Wars Land

Work continues on the Star Wars themed land at the back of the park.

Pushing the Frontier Forward

Tons and tons more details are starting to emerge on the Frontierland side of the Star Wars Land construction. More faux food all over, continued rock-work, trellis magic, lots and lots going on!

A look from Critter Country.

Bridging the gap over the tunnel into the new land.

Tons to do.

Over near Big Thunder Mountain more concrete is starting to look like wood.

Shack is coming along.


No rust yet…

Staining the concrete wood.

More concrete to woodify.

Fresh laid concrete.

Fantasmic! barges still sit on the waters.

AP Daze

The final week of Spring #APDays comes to a close revealing the final button featuring Pete’s Dragon Elliot.

The Country Bears are closing out the week as the exclusive meet and greet inside.

At Disneyland

Tons of adorable spring decor.

Need ride?

Yeah. Are you insured?


I can’t take that ride.

Gotta love thematic elements at Disneyland that have a purpose. This mailbox that sits out front of the Haunted Mansion hides behind the scenes magic for Cast Members.

It looks like the dawn of MaxPass is coming soon to the Disneyland Resort. New towers not unlike the MyMagic+ ones seen on attractions all around Walt Disney World are springing up around the park. A pair also sprung up at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

This unfortunate little birdhouse sprung up this week on the Haunted Mansion. It hides a phone near the MaxPass mergepoint in the queue. Many are bemoaning the thematic element for looking too modern, having color scheme that clashes, and having a “Haunted House” appearance that betrays the conceit that from the outside the house would give no appearance of being a ghostly retreat. It rings a little too “on the nose.” A LOT of people have been vocal about this, we wouldn’t be surprised to find this changed. We even overheard Cast Members at the attraction talking about it.

While the lines remain LONG at the Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland, a new popularity is being found at the perennial favorite Mint Julep Bar which many have been flocking to of late teo try the new formula for the popular Mint Julep drink.

The new drink features a decidedly more natural looking appearance. Ditching the chemical green translucency for a more natural lemonade type appearance. The new drink is a bit more citrusy and tart than its former counterpart. The taste is virtually identical although the new version of the drink no longer includes a cherry as part of the garnish.

The menu is short and simple.

If Beignets are not your thing, you can have a cookies and cream flavored Grey Stuff Breadtwist from Maurice’s Treats at the Fantasy Faire. And if all of that is not enough to satiate your need for pastries. You can enjoy some fresh-made donuts at the Central Plaza coffee location.

Maple Bacon Donut.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Donut.

Dallas was out this morning!

Snow White’s Grotto complete refurbishment continues to move along.

Erosion of the shores at Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Scaffolding is down on the Adventureland restrooms.

Since last year the Enchanted Chamber has been a dedicated Christmas shop.

It’s still a location for all your holiday related needs.

Who knew Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather were such suckers for the holidays?

Matterhorn is still down.

How much toothpaste must they go through in a year?

Prince Ali! Fabulous he!

Merch Run

Regular Belle dolls mixed in with movie merch.

Chip two ways.

Archery two ways.

Looks like rainbow stitching is back again.

Black Widow, baby!


One teeny shelf with the healthy goodies.

Still love the Twenty Eight and Main merchandise.

Saw some new sparklies glinting at the Disney Gallery.

Easter Duffy..

Stop calling me Shirley!

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