If you are like me, and have seen all of Disneynature’s releases, then GROWING UP WILD will likely be right up your alley. While previous films typically centered around one family or one region or area, this new film centers around newborns and what it’s like to… grow up in the wild!. The film will take audiences to the wildest corners of the planet to tell the tales of five courageous animals as they tackle the very first challenges of their young lives.

From their first steps exploring their worlds to their triumphant steps into independence, GROWING UP WILD promises to show the success and setbacks in life, parental lessons, and trial and error. Featuring the stunning imagery and iconic storytelling that makes Disneynature’s big-screen adventures an inspiring movie-going experience, it brings home a special look at how similar and different these young lives can be.

GROWING UP WILD will be available on digital HD on December 6.