A lot of people who know Disney fans make the general assumption that anything with a Mickey Mouse on it is going to be gifting gold. But that’s not necessarily the case. The tastes and preferences for Disney fans run far and wide and so we’ve got a guide to help you figure out how to crack a smile from that special Mouseketeer in your life.

Today, we’re taking a look at MOVIES FOR A DISNEY FAN.

For the uninitiated, the latest Disney blockbuster might be the PERFECT gift for a Disney fan. It may not be. In general, gifting movies is a ballsy choice for ANY type of person; but for a Disneyfile it can be a special kind of torture to know what exactly to pick up. That’s why we’ve got this guide of giftables you might consider instead…

Movie Monday Gift Ideas for a Disney Fan

  1. The Muppet Christmas Carol

    1 BUY HERE

  2. The Santa Clause 3 Movie Collection

    2 BUY HERE

  3. Prep and Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection

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  4. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted-Christmas


  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    5 BUY HERE

  6. Snow White and the Seven-Dwarfs

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  7. Finding Dory

    7 BUY HERE

  8. Zootopia

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  9. Captain America: Civil War

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  10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Don’t Forget!

At the end of the day, just remember that the holidays are not only a time of giving but also a time of family, friendship, and joy. If you’re expressing your appreciation for a person with a gift, then that makes you an awesome person. If you’re expressing your appreciation a little Disney flair, then that’s even cooler (and probably the makings of a BFF.) So don’t stress the season.

Have fun, keep it simple, and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!