Launching its theatrical run in the height of summer and at the height of the strikes in Hollywood, the HAUNTED MANSION hardly got a fair shake. While a perfect movie based on the famed Disney attraction has yet to be made, this one still has a lot admirable qualities and you can now pick it up to bring home to watch over and over and pour over all the lovingly crafted details.

With a hosted review copy of the film, we took at look at the exclusive never-before-seen bonus features including deleted scenes, extended gag reel and exclusive featurettes.


LIST: References and hidden tributes in 2023 live action HAUNTED MANSION

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As always, with a film like this, the question to ask is if it is worth springing for the home release when the film is already available on Disney+. We were pleasantly surprised by bonus features here, small in number though they may be, they still bring a fun mix. In sum they total just over 30 minutes of bonus content.

The primary featurette here is Making Haunted Mansion which clocks in just over 13 minutes (that had to be a coincidence right?) and it brings the expected junket interviews, cast and crew gushing about the making of the project plus some really great behind-the scenes footage showing just how much of the film really was tangibly created. There’s special callouts to filming on location in New Orleans, building the practical sets and (partial) exteriors of the mansion, and more.

999 Happy Haunts is a fun throwback piece that feels like the fun features of yesteryear. This one clocks in over 7 minutes long and takes a nicely paced look at SEVERAL of the homages and intentional references in the film paying tribute to both the Haunted Mansion in Anaheim and the one in Orlando. There’s great side-by-side looks of the real life to film translations, this is a gold star feature and the one we were most excited to see. Having this expanded out as a full hour long special on Disney+ would be perfection.


The Deleted Scenes make the one faux pas we hate on a home release and that’s releasing clips which (despite plenty of fun looks) give zero context as to what the scenes were intended to do or why they were cut. It’s usually always for pacing or story beat changes but it’s a shame we couldn’t get any filmmaker details on the deleted scenes listed below, courtesy of Disney.

  • Carol (0:45)
  • 1 Star (0:44)
  • Harriet’s House Of Intuition (3:11)
  • They Say The Place Is Haunted (1:16)
  • Between Realms (1:42)
  • Crump Manor (1:07)
  • Emergency Baptism (1:01)
  • A Good Head For Business (0:32)

It would be a downright disgrace to not have us grim grinning ghosts dying of laughter with a Gag Reel and we get a really good one that shows an assortment of flubs but also offers some great peeks into the behind-the-scenes movie magic that saw this film come to life.

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See it for Yourself

HAUNTED MANSION is available now on digital and on physical 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD.

But Wait, There’s More!

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