It might officially Halloween but you’d almost be hard-pressed to tell depending on where you’re standing at the Disneyland Resort.

Sleeping Beauty Castle has been smothered in its yearly smattering of snow and various lands in at Disneyland have already nearly completely transformed for the Disney Holidays including New Orleans Square, Mickey’s Toon Town, and Critter Country.

Over at Disney California Adventure, the Christmas cheer has already been unwrapped too with holiday decorations up in “a bug’s land”, Cars Land, and more merch popping up on shelves all around.

On our visit to the parks this weekend, we noticed Star Wars themed land continues its seemingly steady flow of construction and prep work while refurbishment at World of Disney seems to have concluded. We also partook in Disney’s newest over-rated phenomenon with the Central Plaza Doughnuts at the Main Street Coffee Cart.

We also noticed that Disney released some new looks at the upcoming re-imagining of the rooms for Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Of course, we’ll take you on a merch run (surprise, surprise most of it is Christmas/Holiday related) plus a look at goings on in Downtown Disney and more! ENJOY!

Re-imagining Disney’s Grand Californian

Disney just recently released new imagery and swatch samples for the upcoming renovation of the rooms at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

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Not to be confused with DONUTS, Disneyland has introduced some Doughnuts at the Main Street Coffee Cart in Central Plaza. The flavors change every day and they all cost $5.75.

Better than I thought but probably not worth six bucks.

Come ‘n get ’em.

More Holiday Merch

We took an extensive look at new purchase-ables for the Disney Holidays last week and this weekend we found even more!

These plushes all come with little ornaments!!

Love this vintage line of holiday merch, so cute!

Christmas at Disneyland

Snow has now completely covered the castle!

A better look.

The “snotcicles” are also returning little by little.

it’s a small world” is currently closed for its holiday conversion.

Lights are being placed on the facade for its magical night-time transformation.

No voyages today.

River runs dry.

Mickey’s Toon Town is nearly completely festooned for the Disney Holidays.

Jeepers! Christmastime already, Eddie?

ODVs are already getting holiday treatments.

New Orleans Square is sporting its holiday look.

Frontierland Train Station is celebrating too.

Looks like Critter Country will be fully decked for the holidays once the land officially reopens.

Christmas at Disney California Adventure

The oversized decorations have landed in “a bug’s land” once again.

Cars Land is getting ready for its holiday decorations. The wooden posts on the right are only there during the holidays and are used to hold up the garland that spans across the street.

Grizzly Peak also has holiday garlands on the lampposts.

Star Wars Land

Numbered rock/wall pieces.

Ready for placement.

Tom Sawyer Island

Nothing to see here.

Definitely no dragon.

Nope, no dragons at all!



What’s up, dock?


Some had hoped that there would be a chance of returning to the treehouse which has been off limits for a few years now. It looks like some delicate looking props are placed up there making it quite unlikely that grubby guest paws would be within reach.

Around the Resort

Still not much to see here although still no vehicles being parked here where the rumored construction will begin on the reworking of the tram loading area at Mickey and Friends.

Looks like the landscaping project along the tram route is also complete.

Christmas Tree still backstage awaiting assembly.

Did you attend Mickey’s Halloween Party this year? Check out our recap of the 2016 event.

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Did I just see Marnie Cromwell?

Happy Halloween?

Merry Christmas!

When the seagull’s away, the ducks will play.

Storage and such.

Monkey see.

Monkey do.

Peter Pan!

Secrets and such.

You don’t need no stinkin’ feather!

The reservation podium for River Belle Terrace has been moved up.

A hedge wall has also gone up at the River Belle Terrace to separate the seating area for the table service restaurant and the quick service Stage Door Cafe.

Stage Door Cafe has reopened after its refurbishment. Well, technically here it was still closed for the morning but it is operating once more.

No word if this Pandora location will remain once the new location opens in DownTown Disney.

Walt is back! Been gone for quite some time. Not sure how long it’s been back.

Welcome to N’awlins.

Welcome to Main Street, USA.

Fluffy sky.

Non-holiday designs on the cups are quite lovely.

CHOC Walk made the resort a busy beehive of activity on Sunday.

Tower is nearly completely wrapped as it continues its transformation into Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT.

Never noticed the PRESENTED BY PULL-UPS before.

Still no fountain in Hollywood Land.

Only two showings today.

World of Disney has wrapped up its refurbishment of the western entrance facade.

Closer look.

Pandora and Curl Surf will be joining the roster at Downtown Disney.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes are also coming.

Merch Run

Moana dolls are finally in stock.

As are Adventureland Tsums!

I wonder what happened to Rosita?

Lovely design on this mug!

Totes adorbs.

Do you pull each other’s tails? Do you feed each others seeds?

So cute!

Wall of cute.

Moana merch.


Hey, Hei Hei!

Always watching…

Noticed our navigation seemed to have a good idea of where we were at…