A few days later than usual, we have our most recent Disneyland Resort pictorial! We popped into the parks on Sunday for what was only going to be a quick visit and ended up saying almost the entire day after we ran into a few friends.

Since last week, Halloween Time has been under way at the Happiest Place on Earth. The Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration is quickly becoming a memory although many of the merchandise options remain available for purchase in various shops.

We’ve got the quickest of peaks at construction on the new Star Wars themed land and get an update on various refurbishment projects around the park including Main Street, Peter Pan, Toon Town Depot, and more.

We also got another look at AP Days after a bumpy start to the event’s return last week and take a final look at the sign of the HOLLYWOOD TOWER HOTEL before it gets removed from the Tower of Terror attraction. Plus, we have another merch run and have a look at other areas around the parks.

All of this and more in our latest pictorial! Enjoy!

Everything Halloween Time

Last week we took an exhaustive look at all the goings on at the Disneyland Resort for Halloween Time including Haunted Mansion Holiday, Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, Tower of Terror Late Check-In, plus sweets, treats, and merch. Check it all out below!

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Halloween Time Eats

Since we were in the parks for such a long time we had the opportunity to check out several of the Halloween Time related goodies!

River Belle Terrace has the awesome Loaded Bites which are magical crispy tater tots topped with beef brisket, creamy pimento cheese, and spicy barbecue sauce.

They are a a bit pricey at $10 but they do have delicious smokey bits of tender brisket and were a great sharing snack at lunch time.

A surprise hit for us was the Tower Drop Hotdog at Award Wieners which takes a beef frank dipped in Red Pepper Ketchup (awesome) and drops it in a Black Noir Potato Bun with grilled onions and peppers and tops it all off with Crunchy Onions. It looks suitably grotesque for the season but is a great lunch time option.

It’s $8.99 and does NOT come with chips or beverage.

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta offers an Anti-Vampire Chicken Pizza that is made with roasted garlic sauce, marinated chicken, and smoked Gouda.

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie at Flo’s V8 was a great way to get some basic seasonal flavor. Not terribly amazing but it delivers on its namesake with both flavors coming through.

Perhaps the most disappointing offering this year were the Mint Julep Bar Butterscotch Beignets. They are hardly a BAD option but the otherwise regular beignets are dusted with a butterscotch powdered sugar that offers only the most subtle of butterscotch flavor.

We had anticipated that the beignets would be filled with a sauce or topped with a butterscotch drizzle. It was disappointing but hardly BAD. After all, a regular beignet on its own is always a good thing.

Butterscotch Beignets are good if you want a beignet but hardly worth a special trip. If you have a hankering for beignets and will wait in the 20 minute line then give them a shot.

More Halloween Time

Halloween Time balloons have floated into the park.

New cups for Halloween Time. No reports on Hot Food Bags. We’ll keep you updated on that developing story as we have the details.

These aren’t Halloween related but extremely adorable. Mickey and Minnie walking balloons. Their little feet!!!!

Really? Adorable quota filled for the day.


Main Street all festooned for Halloween Time.

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Thanks for the ride Danny!

As different as night and day! We caught the tail end of the special Lighting Moment that takes place at the Mansion…

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And because who doesn’t love MINI OOGIE?!


More Mansion…

Around Disneyland

Toon Town’s sign is gone as is the Halloween Time bunting that just went up last week.

Only other bunting in Toon Town. It’s a little random although the umbrellas complement quite nicely!

Donald’s Miss Daisy is getting some TLC.

Uh oh, this is going to be trouble…

Last time he touched that hat….

Better safe than sorry.

Walls are down at the Toon Town Depot. The sign has not yet returned.

Luggage is MIA.

Water tower is looking neat and pretty.

Looks like sleepy head found somewhere else to doze off.

No more walls.

Walls abound.

“que pequeño el mundo es.”

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Go man, go!

Silver Dollar Six.

Star Wars Land

Unfortunately this is our only Star Wars Land construction picture as we never made it over to Mickey and Friends (while there was still sunlight.) D’oh!


AP Days

Checking out AP Days again. Lines are still way too hot and still in the sun. Going to pass. Sorry! Plus they were out of buttons.

No private event this week so AP Days are on.

Get your AP Days ephemera.

Trade some pins.

Red Carpet photo op.

Renew your pass! (We did.)

AP Exclusive t-shirt. Heather grey, huh? Hm.

Forgot to get a picture of the sign describing the “AP Days Pizza” but I believe it was touted as a Mac n’ Cheese Bacon pizza. Hm.

I’d be much more enthused about the return of AP Days if there was any actual air conditioning and seating available as part of it. I will gladly trade the recipe cards and scavenger hunt for said perk. Free bottled water is always nice, though!

Around Disney California Adventure

We stopped to take a second to take in the HOLLYWOOD TOWER HOTEL sign one final time this week before it makes its departure for the Twilight Zone.


The attraction will quickly begin transformation ahead of its January 2 closure to become Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

There’s still a selection of merchandise available for the attraction…



No more Diamond Celebration Photo Spot.

Fillmore’s getting some work done.

A lovely afternoon on the Pier.

Merchandise Run

There’s some really great DCA logo merchandise available now.

You can still get most of the more popular #Disneyland60 items.

Enjoy some Not-Tsum plush.

Or you can enjoy some actual Tsum plush.

Perfect for Halloween.


“le monde est petit”

When two IPs collide.

Disneyland or DCA? Which park has your favorite tree?

Fun design that caught my eye.

You can still get Mickey backpacks.

Now it’s time to say good night…