Who can believe that it has been ten years since we first met the BIG BANG THEORY cast in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con!? There has been so many great moments over the years with the cast, including sending one lucky fun to space with SpaceX. While they didn’t send anyone on any crazy trips, there were a few great moments from this years panel!

Top 5 Moments from the BIG BANG THEORY SDCC PANEL!

  1. Kaley Cuoco is a huge crier

    One of the most talked about moments from this season is Sheldon getting engaged to Amy. Kaley explained that the entire cast and crew were on set to see the memorable moment, and even though she knew it was going to happen, it was still so emotional. One of the first memories they shared was when Johnny and Kaley were secretly dating the first year of Comic Con and writer Steven Molaro walked up on them arguing. But because no one knew that they were together Johnny and Kaley had to pretend everything was fine. So Kaley is crying her eyes out and Steven is just trying to say hello, but is feeling uncomfortable from the situation, and tries to leave, but Kaley full of tears keeps telling him to stay.

  2. Penny finally has a last name

    It seems like anywhere the cast goes, Kaley will be asked what she thinks Penny’s last name is. This year was no different, but Kaley finally had an answer. She is Penny Hofstadter!  And even though we might never know what her maiden name was she finally does have a last name. She also jokes that Penny is like Cher or Ariel she doesn’t need a last name.

  3. Kevin Sussman is bad with names

    One of the questions asked to the cast is if they would be friends with the writer’s if they weren’t on the show. Writer Maria Ferrari had a funny story about Kevin Sussman who plays Stuart on the show. One of the first couple of season’s she saw him out at a restaurant. She said, Oh that’s Kevin from work, and went over to say hello. She immediately noticed that Kevin thought she was a weird fan, because he was trying to hand her a head shot of himself. It turned out he was on a date, and his excuse was he just didn’t remember her name. Bill Prady jumped in and said, on the WB lot there is a huge wall with everyone’s picture with their name on it.

  4. Kunal Nayyar and Kevin Sussman hated their hot tub scene

    One of the funniest moments of the season was Stuart and Raj in Howard and Bernadette’s hot tub. But both Kunal and Kevin said they dreaded shooting that scene. Kunal said hot tubs usually should be dark and bubbly, but this was full of lights and dirty.  Kevin also hates putting his head underwater, so there were crew around to coach him through the scene letting him know that everything was going to be fine.

  5. Every reaction on the show by the cast is genuine

    A fan asked Kaley if her reactions when something is funny or a prank happens on the show is genuine. She said it was 100% real. She thinks that it’s not natural if you’re are not laughing at something that is real and funny. There is a moment in the pilot that Penny is sitting in the back seat and Sheldon and Leonard are singing in the front, she is quietly singing along, and writer Steven Molaro said that was the best moment because it was the first time you saw Penny belong with the group.

BIG BANG THEORY was so much fun, it is always one of the highlights for me every year!

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