Best known as the voice of Bart Simpson on FOX’s “The Simpsons,” Nancy Cartwright will be displaying several pieces of her Painting and Sculpture work during an event on Saturday, July 23rd at 7:30pm. The two-hour event will coincide during the San Diego Comic-Con weekend and take place at the The Chuck Jones Galley.


VIDEO: Guillermo del Toro, Nancy Cartwright surprise guests for THE SIMPSONS #SDCC panel

It will be her first-ever art gallery exhibition and reception and it will be open to the public. The photo above features Cartwright unveiling her Bartman sculpture last year at USC. The sculpture is on permanent display in New York and a second Bartman sculpture is permanently installed in USC’s Cinematic Arts Complex, Steven Spielberg building.

In her 34-year career at the microphone, Nancy has lent her voice to hundreds of other award-wining animated series, including Rugrats (Chuckie); Kim Possible (Rufus the Naked Mole Rat); Richie Rich (Gloria); Animaniacs (Mindy); and Chuck Jones’ final work, Timberwolf.

The Chuck Jones Gallery is proudly touting itself as the only gallery in San Diego dedicated to the art of the animated film, representing not only the work of its namesake, four-time Academy Award recipient and legendary animation director and creator, Chuck Jones, but also art work by Dr. Seuss, and all animation studios.

The Chuck Jones Gallery is located at 232 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.